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'Robot', part One.

Posted by StarMountainKid , 02 August 2010 · 347 views

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Attached ImageThis is a serialization of one of my Zarkor and Zerak comic books, entitled 'Robot'. Part One.

As Zarkor and Zerak are relaxing in the den of their Lightship, Zerak notices a strange object sitting on the floor before Zarkor.  "What's this?", Zerak asks.  "I found this archaic piece of equipment in a pawn shop on Gigius Four," Zarkor replies.  "What is its purpose?" "I'm not sure, it's some sort of electronic device."

"Electronic?  That is primitive,"  "Yes, I'm devising an interface so I can connect it to our phase-space technology."  Zerak looks at Zarkor, "The last time you tried that every light bulb in the ship started oozing some sort of green slime.  "Then they exploded, and it all slopped onto the floors, and when I tried to mop it up the stuff would slither away and hide in corners. I finally lured it all into Storage Room 127 and locked the door."  "This is different," replies Zarkor.
"Of course," says Zerak.

After a pause, Zerak says, "I built a new Viewing Room."  "Nice,' says Zarkor, "It's a good thing we have an infinite amount of space in our ship.  Only thing is, over the Time Periods we've built so many rooms I can't keep track of them all."  "I know," says Zerak. "Let's see...we have at least three Control Rooms, several Dining Rooms, many Kitchens, Dens, Studies, Living Rooms, Excretion Chambers, Patios, Music Rooms, Auditoriums, Pet Rooms, Pool Rooms, Observation Rooms...not to mention the Bubble Room."

"Yeah," Zarkor says. "I've been wanting to ask you, what exactly is the Bubble Room for?"  "I don't know, Zarkor, just an idea I had one time."  Zarkor looks dubious.  

Suddenly the Emergency Alarm goes off.  "Let's get to the Viewing Room and see what's going on!" Zerak exclaims. "Ok," says Zarkor,  "I hope you remember where you put it,"  

In the new Viewing Room Zerak looks around and asks, "How do you like the new room?"  Zarkor says, "It's ok, but can you turn that stupid Alarm off?!"  

They both turn to the View Screen. They turn the Screen on, and a ship appears.  After a moment of incredulity  Zerak exclaims, "Oh no!  That's a Cyber Ship!"   "It can't be!," says Zarkor, "all the Cyberoids were destroyed in the Cyber Wars!"   "I know," Zerak says, "but there it is!  One must have survived!  This is bad, Zarkor!  Very Bad!"

Jan 30 2012 06:52 AM
i just started reading this and it is very interesting.
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Jan 30 2012 07:29 AM
Thanks. I need to re-arrange all this so the different characters don't all speak in the same paragraph, but I'm too lazy.
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