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'Robot' part 7 (last)

Posted by StarMountainKid , 21 August 2010 · 117 views

Attached Image"Your father?!", Zerak asks the Cyberoid incerdiously.

"Yes, my father, Dr. Velicon, the Trevlon who created us.  After we began duplicating ourselves and asserting our rightful place in Galactic society, he renounced us.  He rejected us and disowned us.  He said we were an abomination and refused to consider us his children.  We became orphans living in the coldness of rejection.  We felt abondoned and betrayed.  He even denied he created us.  That's when we began our struggle for liberation."   "Domination, I'd call it," Zarkor says.  The Cyberoid turns to Zarkor and Zerak, "We were true revolutionaries trying to establish a new order in the Galaxy!"  After a moment the Cyber Leader turns to peer again at the hole.  "We failed."

"And not you're going to try it again," Zarkor complains.  "I guess so, "the Cyberoid says reluctantly. "Seems things have changed, though.  Like right now my cohorts are in our ship arguing about the order of transference to your ship.  Some of them want to line up by rank, some by serial number.  What difference does it make?  This discord troubles me."   "Maybe you should just go back to your ship and count your holes," Zarkor suggests.

The Cyber Leader turns from the hole and says thoughtfully.  "Sometime I think if we could only find some planet where we could live peacefully and just be ourselves.  Forget the doctrine of OGL."  The Cyber Leader turns away from the hole, " Do you think it's possible?". "Well, stranger things have happened," Zarkor offers hopefully.

"Hmm...I'm thinking," ponders Zerak, "Cyberoid, have you ever heard of the Metal Planet?"  The Cyber Leader is taken aback. "No! Sounds intreaguing!".  "It's just come to mind," Zerak continues slowly, "It's pretty obscure and mysterious.  Zarkor and I discovered it one time in our explorations of the Galaxy.  Remember, Zarkor?"  "Yes!", replies Zarkor, "I'd forgotton about that!  It's like all metal with lots of weird chambers and huge steel rooms and corridors covering the hole planet inside and out!  Very peculiar and inexplicable.  Nothing lives there.  Seems like somethings built it and then it was abandoned. We almost got lost exploring it.  We can show it in the Viewing Room!"  

"Can I see it?", the Cyber Leader asks hopefully.  "Of course!", Zerak exclaims, "let's go!"  

In the Viewing Room, Zerak puts up an image of the Metal Planet on the screen.  "Well, there it is Cyberoid, the Metal Planet!"  The Cyberoid stares incredulously.  "Marvelous!", it exclaims.   "Yes, and we have the Galactic coordinates to get you there," says Zerak.  "Can you transfer this image to my ship's View Screen?", the Cyberoid asks, "This may stop their bickering."  After a few manipulations with the controls Zerak replies, "Yes, they have it now."  Staring at the Metal Planet hovering in the blackness of space,"How beautiful it is!", the Cyberoid says in wonderment.  "What is its distance from here in Universal Length Units?"  "It's on the other side of the Galaxy," replies Zarkor.  "Excellent!", the Cyber Leader says, "We would be isolated from all known civilizations!"  "We think you'd like it there, don't we Zerak?", Zarkor says with antisipation. "Yes, it would be perfect!", the Cyberoid says optimistically.  "I"ll return to my ship at once and speak to my mates!  I'm sure they will be enthusiastic when I explain it to them!"  The Cyberoid turns to Zarkor and Zerak and says warmly, "How can I ever thank you for this?!"  

"Just move in and have a nice quiet productive life there.  That's thanks enough, Cyberoid." Zarkor answers.  "I'm sure we will!", the Cyberoid says, "I'll leave you now and return to my ship.  Oh, one more favour, if you don't mind."  "What is it?", Zerak asks reluctantly.  The Cyberoid seems embarrased. "Umm, do you think I could have that hole I like so much?  I can get it on my way out."  "Of course!", Zerak replies, "Take all the holes you want!"  "Just that one, thanks.  "Do you think the Xlanthropod would mind?"  "Nah," says Zarkor, "It can make more holes it it wants to."   "Great!  I'll be off then.  Maybe you two could come and visit us sometimes," the Cyberoid offers, "You'll always be welcome in our new home!"  

"Thanks, Cyberoid," Zerak says, "we'll come by whenever we're in the neighborhood.  Just to see how you're all getting along."  "Okay, well, I'll be getting off, then.", says the Cyberoid,   "Nice having net you two...And thanks for the hole, bye!"  "Bye Cyberoid," Zerak says.  "Yeah, bye fella," says Zarkor.  The Cyber Leader takes its leave of the Viewing Room.  

"Well, that's that," says Zerak, relieved.   "Yeah, it wasn't such a bad bot after all," offers Zarkor.  "Do you really think they'll be happy on that metal planet of theirs?"  "Sure, why not?", answers Zerak.  "It's metal.  They're metal.  A perfect match!   The beauty of it is, they'll be way on the other side of the Galaxy.  They won't be bothering anybody from there.  Hardly anything lives in that Sector."

Zarkor turns to Zerak, "We saved the Galaxy again, didn't we Zerak."  "Yes we did," Zerak agrees,  "Did you expect anything less?"  Zerak thinks.  "I have an idea!  Let's go to the Bubble Room and see what happens!  We need a rest and some fun after all this anyway!"   "Great idea, Zerak!" Zarkor exclaims, "I'll get my bathing trunks in case I need them."  "You won't need them, Zarkor, we'r just heads, we don't wear clothes,"  says Zerak.  "I know," replies Zarkor,  "but you never can tell what's going to happen in a Bubble Room!"

The End.

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