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Chess - The Adventures of Zarkor and Zerak

Posted by StarMountainKid , 07 January 2011 · 129 views

zarkor and zerak play chess
Attached ImageChess - The Adventures of Zarkor and Zerak

The Aliens Zarkor and Zerak are hovering at their chess board in the study of their Lightship. Zerak begins the conversation:

"This is a fun chess game isn't it, Zarkor?"
"It's ok, but I wish you'd make your moves faster."
"It's all about strategy, Zarkor. You have to figure at least six moves ahead."
"I know, but I get sleepy waiting for you to make up your mind."
"Your problem is you don't think enough before you make a move. You need to have a plan."
Zarkor looks thoughtful. "That's not one of my strong points, Zerak."
"I'm glad to hear you admit it."
"That's not what I mean.  I operate by intuition.  It's infallible. Who has time to sit around and think?  I'm a creature of action!"
"I know," says Zerak as he makes a cunning move. "Well then act on this!"
Zarkor peers at the board. "Hmm...are you sure that's a legal move? It appears illegitimate and inappropriate to me.  Especially inappropriate."
"Just play, Zarkor."
After pausing for a moment, Zerak asks, "It's nice having a quiet evening at home, isn't it?"
"I guess," Zarkor replies. "I'm working on an automated chess program, Zerak.  It plays chess all by itself. That way we don't have to be bothered with playing it ourselves. Saves a lot of time."
"Yes, that's a good idea, Zarkor.  It's so annoying having to actually play the game in person. That way, if you happen to stroll by the machine all you have to do is push a button and go to lunch."
"Don't be sarcastic, Zerak.  I like this game, only it's confusing sometimes. Why does every piece have to move in a different way?  That's stupid. It would be a lot easier if you could just move any piece anywhere you wanted."
"You're procrastinating, Zarkor. You don't know what move to make next, do you?"
"That's because I don't trust you, Zerak. It's like you're trying to take all my pieces away from me and corner my King somewhere. That's devious. You should have higher moral standards than that."
Zerak drifts back from the board a little, "Maybe we should have played golf, instead."
"No, Zerak, you keep loosing your ball, and you insist on looking for it instead of just throwing another one down somewhere like I do. Makes the game run smoother.  And it's more efficient that way. Why waste time looking for a stupid ball when you have another one right there in your pocket?"
Zerak considers, then says, "That's like when we play tennis, you keep complaining I never try to hit the ball to you."
"You never do!", replies Zarkor.  "I have to run and run and run all over the place just to get to hit it back to you! What kind of a game is that? It's like you don't want me to hit the ball back to you! If I can't get to the ball to hit it back, what's the use of me being there at all?!  You could just play by yourself!  You have a strange concept of game-playing, Zerak."
"I know,"  Zerak replies.
"And remember when we tried to play Monopoly? Talk about ruthless greed. You had all the houses, all the hotels, all the real estate and all the money! You left me destitute and indigent! I didn't have a Value Unit to my name, and I was homeless and in prison! That was cruel and heartless, Zerak. And here I always though you were kind-hearted and caring, and would never abandon me to a deprived and hopeless life!"
Zerak looks annoyed. "I suppose that's why you always use my Galacto-card instead of yours.  To keep me from having any money to become greedy with."
"I suppose that's one reason. If I keep you broke all the time you can't learn bad habits like avarice. See how well I try to take care of you?"
Zarkor drifts back and looks vaguely at the ceiling. Finally he says, "I've been thinking, Zerak, can we have a balloon?"
"A balloon?", asks Zerak.
"Yes. Then we could find some pretty planet and just float around and relax and look at the forests and snow-capped mountains far below and watch sunsets and clouds and it would be peaceful just drifting around and see rainbows maybe. Can we?"
"I suppose we can," Zerak says.
"Remember Balloon on that strange planet we visited one time? I want one like that."
"But Balloon was alive, Zarkor. I don't know where we could find one like that."
"I know, but maybe just a regular balloon. It would be fun!"
"Okay," says Zerak, "we'll go someplace tomorrow and look."
"Alright." After a moment, Zarkor says, " Another thing that I'd like to have is a submarine. We could go under some big ocean and look at fishes and stuff."
"We can do that sometime, too, if you want."
"You know what else? I've always wanted to go to the center of the Universe and see what's there."
"There is no center of the Universe, Zarkor. Everywhere is it's center."
"I know that. It's just a dream I have. If there was a center, I wonder what would be there?"
"I don't know, Zarkor. All the answers, maybe."
"Yeah." Zarkor wonders, "Where are all the answers, Zerak?"
"I don't know, Zarkor, maybe they're all around us and we're too sleepy to see them."
"Yes, maybe this is a dream, and one day we'll wake up and see everything as it really is. Then we'd know. That would be nice, wouldn't it?"
"Seems like it would be," Zerak answers.  "But then we would know everything, and there wouldn't be any surprises.  It might become boring."
"Hmm..." Zarkor ponders,  "Then we wouldn't dream anymore or have a sense of wonder, would we? Then maybe even having a balloon wouldn't be so much fun.  And what use would be intuition then? I'd never be great at chess without that, would I?"
"I know it would be a boring game without some of the moves you tend to make," says Zerak.
"That's what I mean. My creative chess moves are always surprising, aren't they?"
"They keep me in a sense of wonder, I'll say that."
"Thanks," says Zarkor.
Zerak hovers above his chair and yawns, "Let's finish this game later, Zarkor. I'm going to take a nap."
"Okay. I'm going to go to my room and think about what colors I want my balloon to be. Even if it's not going to be an alive balloon, I still want it to look pretty."
"That's a nice idea, see you later." Zerak drifts out of the room.
Zarkor, deep in thought, says to himself, "Hmm...I wonder if I could grow a balloon in the bio-lab? Clone some of my brain into it. I won't tell Zerak. He says he likes surprises. Give him something to stimulate his sense of wonder! Before I go, I'll just adjust this chess game a little. It's a little sloppy-looking, neaten it up a bit." Zarkor adjusts the chess pieces.  "There, that looks better. Now to grow that balloon...I think I'll name it Harold."


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