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'Boating' Part 3 - The Adventures of Zarkor and Zerak

Posted by StarMountainKid , 22 August 2011 · 116 views

the storm continues.
'Boating' Part 3 - The Adventures of Zarkor and Zerak Cloney leaves the pilot house and scurry's about looking for the life boat. He soon returns. "Where is the life boat, Captain?!"

Returning to partial consciousness, Zarkor replies, annoyed at the interruption, "The life boat! Yes, then a catatonic seizure! Good idea! The life boat is in my cabin, Cloney, under the bed. I thought that would be an appropriate place to stow it. Hurry now and bring it before it's too late!"

Cloney soon returns with a plastic bundle. "This is just a floatie we use in the pool at home, Zarkor! This will never save us!"

"Of course it will," Zarkor says resolutely. "Did you bring the rubber ducky, as well?  I couldn't abandon ship without that! And rush back and bring Teddy. We can't leave him on a sinking ship!"

Cloney rushes back to Zarkor's cabin and gathers up the ducky and Teddy.

"Now all we have to do is blow up the floatie and we're saved!" Zarkor exclaims. "You do it, Cloney, I'm too exhausted from making all these vital decisions!"

Cloney dutifully huffs and puffs and blows up the floatie. "There, Captain, it's done."

"Good. Now I'll use the floatie and you use ducky. We'll drift overboard and and lower ourselves onto the water. One, two three..."

"Wait, Zarkor! This is stupid!" Cloney shouts angrily. "We'll be drowned for sure using these pool toys instead of a real life boat!  I'm staying with the ship! Maybe the weather will settle down and we can ride out the storm!"

Zarkor considers this. "You may be right, Cloney! I think this floatie has a hole in it anyway! In fact, I gave it to you to fix last week, remember?!" Zarkor faces Cloney in irritation. "That's what I get for depending on you! I would have done it myself", Zarkor explains,  "except I was too busy thinking of other chores for you to do! You don't realize the responsibility I have as your mentor, my friend! Besides, if I didn't keep you busy all the time you'd just get into mischief! Remember you're me, as Zerak always says. Now...what should we do next?"

Cloney looks around anxiously for some way to save themselves from the raging storm. "I know, let's radio for help! All Zerak has to do is fly the Security Ship here and pick us up!"

"Great idea!" says Zarkor, relieved.  "See if the radio is still working! Send out an SOS or something. I know Zerak will be standing by waiting for a message, he always seems worried about me for some reason."

"Okay!" agrees Cloney excitedly as he rushes below to see if he can locate the radio. After a moment he returns to Zarkor's side looking angry. "Zarkor! You didn't bring  a radio! All you brought was that stupid jam box so you could listen to that stupid Punk music! Why did you do that?!"

"It's a radio, isn't it?!" Zarkor exclaims, surprised at Cloney's attitude. "How was I to know this storm would happen?! Besides, I have to have my music with me or else I get bored. You should know how easily I get bored by now, Cloney!  Anyway, go back and see if my Earth-type CD's are secured. I'd hate to loose them, then I'd have to go back to that stupid Earth and collect some more! You know how I hate Earth and Earthlings!"

Cloney hovers about dejectedly as Zarkor bobs up and down in annoyance at the horrid prospect of having to return to Earth.  Looking out into the storm, suddenly Cloney cheers up. "Look, Zarkor! The sky is brightening over there! The waves don't seem to be as tall as they were and the rain is lessening! Maybe the storm is over!"

Zarkor looks at the sky. "It's about time," he says in disgust. "Stupid storm! Look how wet my membranes are! Now I'll be combing them out for ever so long!" Zarkor looks at the water still sloshing around on the deck.  "And look at the boat! It's full of water, stupid boat! You would think it would have more sense than to try to sink in the middle of an ocean!" Beginning to regain his usual oblivious demeanor, Zarkor turns to his mate.  "It'll take you a long time to bale it out, Cloney, so you'd better get started right away. Start in the kitchen first. In all this confusion you didn't make me my ham sandwich! You'll have to learn to obey orders better than that." Cheering up to his old self again, Zarkor continues:  "See if you can find some dry bread, then put the kettle on. And don't take too long! You know how upset I can get when I'm hungry. I loose my calm, kindly and understanding manner. I wouldn't want you to see that side of me, Cloney. You might think I don't like you as much as I do. Now get busy and do as you're told."

After some time passes, the seas are becalmed and the sun is seen peeking out from between fluffy whitening clouds. The rain has changed into a gentle drizzle as the little boat bobs easily now on almost tranquil waters. As Zarkor leans lazily against the pilot house door, happily munching the long awaited ham sandwich, Cloney is still busy baling for all he's worth.  

"We've weathered the storm, Cloney pal!" Zarkor shouts proudly. "Your Captain has pulled you through safely from yet another perilous adventure!  You appreciate my superior rational decision making abilities and expert seamanship now, don't you?!" Zarkor settles into a benevolent mood.  "Always trust your Captain's good judgement, Cloney!  Never fear, he will always return you unharmed and safe to the bosom of your own snug little home!" As an afterthought he adds,  "And no need to thank me, Cloney dear. Heroism in the clutches of catastrophe comes naturally to one such as I."  

Cloney pauses his baling for a moment, considers it better to say nothing, then continues his task with even more vigor.  


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