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Zarkor and Zerak No-News Update 11

Posted by StarMountainKid , 18 September 2011 · 180 views

whats happening?
This is a no-news update because there has been no news coming from our friends Zarkor and Zerak. This is very mysterious and unlikely, as they usually contact me on a regular basis to let me know what's going on in their lives. This present blackout of information is starting to worry me.

During this lack of any news, I have nothing else to do but sit here and wonder why Zarkor thinks he is getting a message from that empty place around the corner in their region Galaxy. There's nothing there after all, it's a Cosmic Void! Is Zarkor becoming delusional? Is there really something wrong with the architecture of his brain?

In any event, I do know that he and Zerak have set off in their Lightship on the very long journey to that empty space, and Zarkor has yet to tell Zerak about the message he seems to think is coming to him from the Void.

If fact, I don't know what they'll find there or what the message is. Now that's a problem because I'm supposed to report on these Aliens and if I don't know what's going on, no one else will either.

So what am I to do? I can't just leave an empty blog entry with nothing in it for the next Update. Maybe I need some help here. Some advice or idea that can propel these guys into their next Adventure. I'm at a standstill here. It's not writer's block, its like a Void in my brain.

On the other hand, maybe whatever is in that Cosmic Void is causing my brain to be empty. Maybe that's why I can't seem to get any ideas. Maybe whatever is there doesn't want anyone else except Zarkor to know what's going on. Maybe it's suppressing all knowledge of itself throughout the Galaxy.  Maybe it's in control of all our brains so that whatever it's secret is, that secret will remain hidden.

That's a lot of maybe's, I know. But if the Void is concentrating on keeping me uninformed about itself, perhaps it's not paying so much attention to one of you out there. Perhaps it's hold on your brain is less than its hold on mine, and one of you can psychically intuit what's going on and can tell me about it.

That way I could write the next Update or Adventure or whatever it's supposed to be, and fool whatever it is that's withholding this information from us.  Please, think about this. If anyone is having any ideas somehow expectantly seeping into their minds from this mysterious Void thingy, let me know. I'd hate for Zarkor and Zerak to be in another exciting Adventure and no one to know about it!  Especially us!

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