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Zarkor and Zerak Update 12

Posted by StarMountainKid , 25 November 2011 · 131 views

I've been working on the final installment of The Void...slowly, so I thought I'd wish everyone in the USA a happy Thanksgiving. It's funny, but Zarkor and Zerak also celebrate a Thanksgiving day. All their friends and family gather 'round and have a happy time and a good meal. They're actually celebrating the overthrow of the Old Kings many Time Periods ago in the Ancient Epoch. This is a long story of heroism I won't go into. Mostly because none of the story exists yet.

Anyway, this year the celebration is on Zerak's private planet, which he bought a while ago, as some of you may remember.  Zarkor and Zerak's parents will be there for the festivities along with Uncle Zebon and various cousins and nephews, and many friends the guys have accumulated during their many Adventures.

Zerak is hoping Miss Nemrod will show up. Zarkor met her on the Cave Planet when he became lost in the Hidden Caverns. Since then she's been amorously following Zarkor around the Galaxy, Zarkor always keeping one step ahead of her. Zarkor is not one to settle down with one female for very long, but after a long talk with Zerak he is thinking it may be nice to have a steady.  For a while, anyway.

Now Miss Nemrod is a little older than Zarkor. Well, quite a lot older. She could be Zarkor's grandmother, in fact. But since Zarkor's species enjoy very long lifetimes, and because they regenerate themselves from time to time, it's not easy to tell their age by appearance. Zerak thinks Zarkor needs stable relationship. Zarkor did have a long term relationship once. For three hundred Grand Time Periods he was shacked up with a female during the Cyber Wars. That's a very long time in Earth time-keeping.  At the conclusion of the Cyber Wars Zarkor left her and returned to palling around with Zerak and has since forgotten her name.  Typical of Zarkor.

At this fun event I'm hoping Zarkor abstains from imbibing too much. He usually doesn't drink intoxicating beverages. His usual refreshment of choice is Flavorian flavored soda pop, but on these special occasions he can over indulge, with the usual result of pontificating long and laboriously on one of his newest Theories. Uncle Zebon can also become a little overbearing during these celebrations. Being a very influential member of his species, as well as, let us say, residing slightly outside the legal norms of Galactic society, he occasionally lapses into this side of his personality, especially if the guests include those pompous individuals who pretend to be admirable upholders of Galactic respectability. (These kinds of creatures always show up at parties.)

Zerak usually keeps Zebon's bodyguards handy in case the merriment gets out of hand.

As for other guests, I think Zarkor and Zerak's friend Ug will be there, whom they met in one of their Adventures, and at least one of the three Donkeys, formally of the famous circus act, 'Professor Wonderland's Amazing Dancing Donkeys'.  Professor Wonderland himself will not attend as he is a member of an outlawed political Rebellion. Zarkor's former Guru (four hundred Value Units per hour, no checks, no credit) Swami Annananda may show up along with the Ringmaster and Professor Schmaltzenberger (inventor of the infamous Time Machine Kit once sold in stores as a kid's toy). The children who did purchase this Kit (before it was declared illegal) and actually succeeded in assembling it correctly still haven't been heard from. It is supposed they are wandering various Time Lines in the Multi-verse, lost forever to our Present Moment. Too bad for them.

Also hopefully Cousin Billy may be there. He's owner of one of Zarkor's favorite pawn shops. Of course Cloney will be there, keen no one will mistake him for Zarkor (Cloney is Zarkor's not-quite-accurate clone). Cloney understandably hates when that happens.  

Zerak is wondering if the Cyberoid Captain will show up, but as the Metal Planet on which the Cyberoids now live peaceably is on the other side of the Galaxy, it's not likely. Probably a good thing, as the Cyberoids still frighten Zarkor.

Well, all this is a delaying tactic on my part put here until I finish that Void episode. I could go on with this, but what's the point? But still, a new Update possibly has some merit in itself. All I know it's a lot easier than finishing a story while suffering from a toothache. Now that's a chore.

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