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The Origin of the Universe and Galactic Society

Posted by StarMountainKid , 06 January 2012 · 330 views

The Origin of the Universe and Galactic Society.

There is an ancient tale that the first intelligent species that evolved in the Galaxy, the Ancient Ones, spread throughout the Galaxy, sowing their seeds on many virgin planets. Later, intelligent life sprung up among the stars, some of them their progeny.  A fierce, ongoing controversy has been going on ever since, various Galactic species trying to determine which one is directly related to these Ancient Ones as a result of their beneficent act. This is important because of the acclaim and bragging rights these species would acquire over all others for being the progeny of this ancient, exulted race.  Many Time Periods are spent tracing a species' lineage as far back in time as possible. Many have claimed this honor from time to time, but usually their declarations are mired in dispute.

There is another myth, also common throughout the Galaxy, that the Vulgarians created our Universe in one of their laboratories. Now, no one knows exactly what a Vulgarian looks like, but everyone agrees on their motivation, which is usually considered to be  childish spite.  The intelligent species of the Galaxy also agree that this was mostly a bad idea of theirs. Thus, these Vulgarian fellows are usually called the Evil Vulgarians in common parlance.

Zerak thinks the Vulgarian's Universe must have been messed up similarly to ours, and that they callously passed their mayhem on to us.  Zarkor considers the bewildering state of the Universe to be the cause of all his troubles...he knows, of course, it's couldn't be him, it must be everything else.

There are other theories of the origin of our Universe, but none of them make as much sense. All this muddle couldn't have happened by accident. Everyone agrees on that point. There are good things about the Universe, of course, like The Happy Holiday Planet, but these are few and far between. If you only knew the variety of Alien species inhabiting the Galaxy, you would agree. Most species are comprised of insurance salesmen and accountants. The species that have no insurance salesmen or accountants are comprised of ugly, nasty creatures with fearful fangs and gaping, drulling mouths. No one wants to associate with them, so they content themselves with preying ruthlessly upon each other in frustration.  They're commonly banned from most upscale shopping malls and the better hotels and restaurants in the Galaxy.

But, even these creatures are not the worst. I'm not going to even mention the really bad ones. Propriety here at UM prevents me from giving even their most general description.

My purpose here is not to depress anyone about the state of this our Universe, but to caution you. If, by chance, you are offered a ride on a UFO full of seemingly pleasant, agreeable Aliens, I recommend you don't go. The shock of meeting Galactic life-forms totally unlike any human, even the most pitifully deformed human, would cause not only long-term PTSD, but would in most cases lead to permanent brain damage, or at least severe personality disorders.  

This is not even considering the various exotic and perplexing social customs of many Galactic species. A simple Human would not be able to contend with the diversity of these cultural differences.  When a newly technologically evolved species enters Galactic society for the first time, it takes many, many Time Periods for them to assimilate themselves.  It's also rather tedious for the established species. For instance, a great deal of time must be spent providing psychiatric therapy for these hapless and confused individuals.  Temporary mental hospitals must be set up and staffed, rest homes, hospices and half-way houses must be built, not to mention the permanent sanitariums that usually fill up quickly.

All and all it's an ugly business. So, from actual personal experience let me say, be careful what you wish for, all you UFO buffs. The day will surely come when Alien beings begin visiting our planet. They'll probably be benevolent, but still it is better to run and hide, cautiously peering around a corner to see if your digestion can tolerate their appearance. And, believe me, their appearance will be only the beginning of your forthcoming problems.


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