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ZZ Stuff and Quests

Posted by StarMountainKid , 29 March 2012 · 223 views

ZZ Stuff and Quests

This entry is about my Zarkor and Zerak stories, so most of you can skip this entry. It's self-indulgent and probably mostly boring to anyone. I'll try to write something more interesting next time, and I won't include any of this ZZ stuff.

My disclaimer this time is that, if anybody actually does read the following, understand that I'm not trying to induce anyone to read any of my stories. I'm just yammering on about them here for no real reason. I just like to write out my thoughts sometimes, and thoughts usually don't mean much to anyone but the thinker. I recon the following is a pretty good example of this.

I was thinking about how really good and funny my Zarkor and Zerak Adventures are, some written down here and some on Youtube. However, I seem to be alone in thinking this. My stories are pretty unpopular, or at least ignored. For instance, I get some views of Part 1 of some Episode, but less views of Part 2. Someone has looked at Part 1 and decided it's not worth the effort to continue with the story. Instead of stimulating their interest, I have discouraged them from ever continuing on with this foolishness of mine.

I think this situation arises because:

(1} of Attention Span Deficiency Syndrome. Most people I know have this disability. That, and the fact that people aren't much interested in reading. See, you have to read my stories on Youtube. It's a lot easier just to look at something. You don't have to use much intelligence to watch something.  So even dumb people are good at watching. I think it's soothing for them. If everyone is just watching something, you can't tell who's smart and who's stupid. It's a democratic activity.

If someone has to read something and actually understand what's written, not just saying the words, that's much more difficult than watching. That's why Youtube is more popular than books. On Youtube you just have to watch and not read. So books are pretty unpopular. Unless, of course, it's a really easy to read book. Popular books are mostly easy to read, I think. They're written this way on purpose. I think there are probably not many profound insights in popular books. If a popular author accidentally includes some profound insight in a paragraph, say, his or her editor will immediately edit out that profound insight. Profound insights are bad for business in the popular book field.

I may be exaggerating a bit here, as I've never read a popular novel. I've tried a couple of times, but I didn't get very far. I was disappointed in what I read, so I stopped reading.

Now, I'm not a snob or anything. I'm not even very smart. I just thought what I had read was written poorly. I know it was written poorly because I've read a lot of the classics of literature. That has spoiled me for reading popular novels. So, my advice for people who enjoy reading popular novels is, don't ever read a classic of literature. It will spoil your enjoyment of reading popular novels.

But, I must say, reading popular novels can be fun for people. It's like eating candy instead of vegies. Nothing wrong with that if you eat your vegies once in a while. I do stuff just for fun, too, so I'm not criticizing anyone.

(2) My stories are unpopular because they're slow. A reader must slow down his or her's metabolism somehow in preparation. By slow, I mean they don't zip along with exciting moments every second. Blockbuster movies do this. Maybe popular novels do this, too, probably  Blockbuster movies and popular novels are just full of excitement and sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat anticipation for what might happen next.

My stories are more subtle than this. Subtle also is bad for business. Who wants subtle when he/she can have orgasmic excitement every second? Probably nobody...evidently. Art movies don't do very well at the box-office, for instance. They're too intellectual. Intellectual is not entertainment. People don't like to be forced to think and be entertained at the same time. This is too much stress for most people to endure. People who make art movies don't seem to care about this, though. They just keep making their movies whether people like them or not.  I like this kind of attitude.

(3) Another thing is, I like to go against expectations. If someone expects something from me, I try as hard as I can to provide something as opposite as possible to their expectation. I like doing this in my stories, too. This may put readers off, as well. They expect an exciting scene, and I give them some absurd, convoluted dialog instead.

Some of my stories are only absurd convoluted dialog. Usually provided by Zarkor.

I try to make pretty much all my characters absurd. Even my villains. My villains (there are not many of them) are pretty stupid, petty and falsely full of themselves, and their villainy is the result of circumstances beyond their control. We never actually witness their evil deeds, we only hear about them by hearsay or reputation. Maybe they haven't really done anything awful at all, it's all just rumors. Lots of people rumor themselves into some kind of reputation, without ever fulfilling the content of the rumors they create.

So, in the end, my stories provide difficult-to-enjoy entertainment. My readers have to be diligent in their commitment when they begin reading. They must carry on despite all obstacles.  They must prepare themselves assiduously to somehow maintain an iron will to complete the reading experience. Few have the stamina to accomplish this.

I think there are some rewards to these required feats of mental dexterity and discipline, though. I think my stories are worth reading. Perhaps only as a result of the pride one can feel for accomplishing a difficult task. But I also think the stories themselves have some merit. In any case, I think they will always remain obscure and lonely, hidden away and unnoticed within the vastness of Youtube and here written down in my blog.

I am even audacious enough to be video-izing more of my already completed  ZZ  Adventures. It's an arduous task with no foreseeable reward, but it's what I like to do. I hope to have all my stories uploaded one day, and then I can sit back and relax in the knowledge that I have completed a sort of Quest. Kind of like a Don Quixote. I mean by that, that I am delusional enough to think what I have accomplished is of real importance. Or even real at all. When actually it is all just a dream of reality, and a wisp of a dream at that.

However foolish, I think we all must follow or invent some Quest to pursue. It probably keeps us saner than we think we are.

Space Ship Part 5 - The Adventures of Zarkor and Zerak
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