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More Social Commentary

Posted by StarMountainKid , 26 August 2012 · 446 views

As a social commentator, there are many aspects of our modern society of interest to me.  On the practical side, the rabbit (hare) problem comes to mind.  I think many of us have experienced this phenomenon, especially those in more rural areas.

Reports have been on the news lately about the ferociousness of today’s rabbit population.  How many of us have not seen them in the garden, teeth gleaming in the sunshine, claws tenaciously digging in the grass, boldly stalking their prey, waiting for some unaware rodent to wander into our cabbage patch, and have retreated into the safety of our homes?

Small dogs and cats have also been known to have been seized by these fierce animals. Pet owners have solicited the authorities to do something about this problem, with little conclusive results. As rabbits breed quickly, this dangerous situation can only get worse.

Unfortunately for some, we all know that these vicious animals favorite diet is fish.  Weekend fishermen have reported, while fishing peacefully on the bank of some quiet river or peaceful lake, these aggressive animals perched alertly on the banks, their sharp eyes piercing the water, searching for some unsuspecting fish to swim innocently near. Then the sudden lurch, a splash into the water, grappling with their aquatic victim, and then dashing out with a small or large fish flopping in their greedy jaws.

It is a terrifying sight, as many will agree. The simple fisherman must also protect his catch, for these animals will sneak up and steal their entire hard-won aquatic trophies, not to mention their bate as well.

Another recent development in our modern society is the popular fad of collecting Wonders. I am not immune to this fad, as I have a small but respectable collection myself.  

There are various types of Wonders to collect, from the esoteric to the nearly practical. Of course, a completely practical Wonder (CPW) would be a marvelous thing to behold. However, their possible existence is generally dismissed by the scientific community, and no proof of their actual existence has ever been documented, so I will refrain from further comment on the controversial subject here.

It has been speculated that there are only a finite number of Wonders, and I think this may be true. As all officially recognized Wonders are unique unto themselves, this is a logical assumption. How many unique entities can exist in a universe is the common question asked. In my view, uniqueness itself must be finite, as an infinite number of unique structures would contain no sub-sets, and our mathematicians seem to have evidence that sub-sets are mandatory in their mathematical description of our universe.

Wonders (or Wonderments as some label them) seem to be popular in two types of consumers: Those who utilize them as entertainment and those who consider their more profound and spiritual elements.

Of course, since science has not been able to quantify Wonders, they deny the possibility of their existence. We all know better, and I’m sure we will continue to collect and marvel at our own personal collection of Wonders for the foreseeable future.

My comments on the Library of Babel, which an anonymous billionaire is constructing somewhere in the western deserts, will be commented on in my next installment.

Aug 26 2012 10:14 PM
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Aug 29 2012 05:38 AM
It seems, by my last sentence, I will be commenting on my own commentary. This may be a good idea, now that I think about it..
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