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The Journey

Posted by StarMountainKid , 13 March 2013 · 389 views

The village I am in is not much to look at, but it has the usual Hostel, and there I have settled in for the night. It’s a difficult life for us Travelers, always on the move. I sometimes envy the Dwellers, their stable life with family and friends. I suppose I wasn’t born to that kind of life.

I’ve spent all my life on the Path, as many of us have. We travel sometimes in groups, sometimes alone, making our way as best we can. The villagers look on us as fools, mostly. We don’t mind their frequent acts of derision as we consider ourselves above their mundane lives. Yet there is always the difficult road ahead for us with little rest and only our few possessions carried on our weary backs. Nevertheless, we trudge onward.

But there is also joy for us in our quest, a joy the villagers will never know. This, and I think only this preserves us. Of course, some fall by the wayside, some grow old and feeble unable to continue, some loose their faith, some go mad. Some give up and turn back to retrace their steps to their starting point. I think none of these ever succeed in their homeward journey, as they would have already long passed the point of no return. They are doomed to perish in some unfamiliar village or by the wayside, far from the bosom of their families they left behind so long ago.

I, for one, shall continue no matter the cost to my body or mind, having relinquished hope of ever seeing my family again, for I know there is a brighter reunion awaiting me, be it far, far ahead in the remote, misty distance.

The road out of this village is only a dusty path that leads through country I do not know. I am now almost to the outlands, and the villages are becoming more and more isolated and primitive. Soon perhaps there will be no villages, only desolate lands before me. I am fearful of this prospect, yet somehow I welcome it. To be truly on my own, with only trust in my resolve to rely on will be liberating. It will be the final test of my devotion, my faith and my commitment.

As I lie on this straw bedding this night through a small window I watch the moon rise pale and yellowed, but persistent in its duty. Soon it will shine brightly high in the night sky, transformed into a gleaming beacon for us who journey to the source.

One morning, when I am perhaps very old and feeble myself, I will glimpse the golden glow of this Source on the far horizon, beckoning, and there I know I will find my sanctuary and the validation of this life.  

There are many leagues yet to travel, but my courage will be strengthened at that moment, and I shall carry on bravely through whatever obstacles remain, until I finally reach the goal to which I have dedicated my life.

Mar 15 2013 03:44 PM
Hope than when you are crossing the wasteland to your paradise, that you do not meet somebody coming from the opposite direction who thinks paradise is from where you have travelled.
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Mar 15 2013 06:12 PM
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