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Not Doing What I Intended

Posted by StarMountainKid , 29 April 2013 · 455 views

I was going to post another Adventure here because I haven’t had any different good ideas lately. I decided not to do this because of the way Youtube is messed up at present. I suppose I could write it all out and make it a regular story, but I don’t think it translates to just words on a page very well.

Most of you will probably be relieved that I’m not putting this Adventure here right now, I think. Also, I’ve been trying to write a story that doesn’t include the usual characters, but for a long time I’ve been stuck on page one. I think I have an idea for it now, though.

See, the usual ways I thought of for the story to go were not bizarre enough, or absurd enough. But I think now I have an inkling of an idea that is just ridiculous enough to prod my enthusiasm to continue writing it.

It may work out, it may not, but I’ll give it a try. Come to think of it, most of you are probably relieved that I haven’t made much progress on this story as well. I can almost hear the sighs of relief. But the thing is, writing about what I’m not going to do or haven’t done yet is most likely even more boring and tedious to read as the actual thing I was going to put here or what I haven’t figured out to put here yet.

Telling someone what you haven’t done is much worse than telling someone what you have done. For instance, if you have a friend and you start telling that friend what you did today, almost immediately you can see his/her eyes start to glaze over. This is a very natural reaction in these situations. Telling your friend what you haven’t done is even worse. This kind of talk may induce irreparable brain damage for your pal, or at least temporary coma-like symptoms.

It’s much better to sing a song for that person or do a little dance. Speaking in tongues is also a good gambit to keep your friend healthy and attentive. Jumping up and down and waving your arms about is also a good idea. In fact, almost anything you can think of to do is better than telling someone about some great accomplishment you’ve just committed, or decided not to commit.

On the other hand, listening to someone talk about nothing in particular can be useful, even soothing. This gives you time to mentally complete that shopping list you’ve been working on, or to or to think of new and unusual excuses that may actually seem plausible, or even to daydream a bit.

All these things and more are available to you during these moments of non-attention-ness to what is actually going on around you in real life that is aimed at you. I find these kinds of moments happen quite often in my life, and I always try to use them in a beneficial manner.

All you have to do is keep one ear slightly on the conversation at hand, and when you hear the squawking stop and there is suddenly silence, all you do is nod approvingly. If you want to go back into your daydream, just say nothing, and rest assured the squawking sounds will resume until the next bit of silence.

You can carry this on for quite a long time and get a lot of work done for yourself if you manage it properly. If you’re having a busy day, for instance, you might even seek out such a friend and ask a simple question (any question will do). You’ll be surprised how efficient this method is for organizing your thoughts that you didn’t think you’d have time for on a hectic morning.

Just some advice from someone who’s learned the ins and outs of coping with my fellow human beings..

Well, I think I’ve padded this non-blog-entry enough. Writing about nothing like this and expecting someone to read it is…I don’t know…you put in the derogatory word or phrase here.

I’m sorry if I lead you on thinking this would be an interesting read. If you’ve gotten this far, I apologize. Next time I may put here what I firstly intended, or what I may conger up as that story I’m trying to write.

If I do do that, I’ll put in a disclaimer or a warning or something beforehand, like at the top of the page in bold letters. That way I won’t feel so bad if you disregard that caveat and decide to read on anyway. Then if you get bogged down amid all my dreary and tedious sentences it will be your own fault.


I like reading these type of posts from you. I feel more creative by association just for reading it.
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Apr 29 2013 01:23 PM
Certainly agree about youtube. Why could not they have left it as it was a few years back when you could make good looking channels. And now they pester you for "one channel". And google + stuff everywhere like a bad smell. Time is right for a real competitor that lets us have proper control back. rant over :)
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Apr 29 2013 02:28 PM
Thanks _Only.  I like these kinds of posts, too. I just can't think of them very often.

As for Youtube, it's like where I used to work. The engineers were being paid so I guess they thought they had to do something to earn their money, so they'd 'improve' things every so often and the rest of us would have to try to cope with the resulting disaster.
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Apr 29 2013 10:26 PM
I think I'm one of those people who talks too much and helps everyone complete shopping lists and daydream.
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