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Happy Halloween!

Posted by StarMountainKid , 29 October 2013 · 237 views

Happy Halloween! Well it’s Halloween again on The Happy Holiday Planet, and Zarkor and Zerak are wearing the same costumes as last year. The only difference is, instead of just throwing a sheet over his head, Zarkor now is wearing cotton. He says this gives him a more ethereal appearance. You be the judge.

They are ready to go trick or treating. Although Zarkor loves sweets, he considers the tricks more fulfilling. He often gets angry on Halloween when the treats outnumber the tricks.

To compensate for this, whenever he is separated from Zerak, he only pretends to knock on a door of some unsuspecting species. This way he can trick with a clean conscience. He rationalizes this behavior by considering an un-opened door as proof the occupant has no intention of rewarding him with a treat. This is an example of the contrived logic that generally resides in Zarkor’s mind.

Zerak, on the other hand, often engages the treater in some obscure philosophical discourse, which usually results in a slammed door in his face, and often a retrieval of the proffered treat.

Nevertheless, they both enjoy their Halloween antics and end up back at their hotel suite high up in one of the tall Mallon trees, happily gorging themselves on their rewards and laughing together as the tell each other of the fun they had on their holiday adventures.

They both hope you enjoy as nice a Halloween as they have had. (Halloween comes several days earlier in the Galaxy at large than here on Earth, due to the discrepancy between the Galactic Calendar and our own.)

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