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My Spirit Guide

Posted by StarMountainKid , 25 March 2014 · 319 views

I was doing some automatic writing. My spirit guide, George, was reporting some gossip he had heard on the Ethereal Plane. Something about something or other somebody was doing that had not met the standards of etiquette considered proper in that heavenly realm.  He mentioned some names, but I didn’t know who he was talking about so I lost interest, although my pen was still writing vigorously. I often loose interest in what George has to say. He has a tendency to go on and on about the goings on wherever it is he resides, all the gossip, rumor and chitchat…a lot of blather to me.

I just wish he would stick to the subject more, his mind tends to wander. Sometimes there’ll be whole pages of stuff that doesn’t make sense to me, that’s not even about me. I’m sure there are rules about telling me about his other living clients, but that doesn’t stop George from telling me juicy tidbits about his other regulars, people I don’t know and most likely never will, or wouldn’t want to know. I’m really not interested in them and what they do, but George sure is

It must be an interesting place there for him and an interesting job for his personality. Sometimes I think he’s a little gay in a gossipy way, the way he goes on and on about the other spirits he knows and their behavior, some of it pretty risqué. I don’t mind if he is gay, it doesn’t matter because usually he’s a real good spirit guide. I mean he’s helped me a lot, told me things I would have never known by the ordinary method of surprise.

By the way, I’m not prejudiced against gay people. After all, I’ve most likely been gay myself in some previous lives and liked it, so it doesn’t matter to me, like I say.

George has told me of many of my past lives. In the beginning I had hoped I had been maybe a somewhat important person, like a king or something. But no, all my previous lives have been quite ordinary it seems. Mostly just somebodies. I suspect many of them quite like me as I am now, not much of a success in life. George says it’s Cosmic Genetics. If in your past lives you’re a looser, in the present one, well, it’s pretty easy to figure it out.

I keep asking about my future, but he doesn’t tell me much about that. I think he knows some stuff he won’t tell me, probably for my own good. I guess I don’t really want to know, anyway. Better the surprise. Then again, maybe he really doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s all a surprise to him, too.

I ask him a lot of questions. I think he doesn’t know as much as he lets on, though. He’s a little arrogant about it all. I suppose that comes with being a spirit guide. After all, I’m just some mortal, and not a very prosperous one at that. Sometimes I wonder why he talks to me at all; it must be boring for him as I’m a pretty boring person. I guess it’s his assignment or something. He probably has more interesting clients that make up for having to deal with me.

I also wonder what the requirements for becoming a spirit guide are. You have to be dead, of course. That’s the first thing. Maybe it’s a punishment, or maybe talkative and sociable people get the job, good conversationalists. I ask him what it’s like up there, wherever he is, but he doesn’t say much about that, either. He mostly says its ethereal and I wouldn’t be able to understand what it’s like anyway. He’s probably right; I don’t have a lot of imagination.

See, George says we all incarnate in groups. My little group of spirits continually reincarnates together for some purpose, and in all our various lives we become each other. We switch around all the time. Sometimes I’m some other guy, sometimes I’m some other woman, and sometimes I’m some little kid who gets hit by a bus on his way to school or something. I’m not sure what stays me in all this. I mean, if in my next incarnation I’m some pretty girl being hit on by some guy in our group who was some friend of his in some other incarnation, or his sister or maiden aunt or cousin something, well, what’s the point?

George won’t go into meanings much. He just says this is the way it is and live with it. Well, we haven’t any choice, do we? And another thing is, in my next incarnation I’ll have to start from the very beginning again, won’t I? I won’t know anything. I mean, what are the odds of me as some girl or redneck or someone who doesn’t bathe very often or something getting interested in automatic writing and spirit guides? And why am I, me now, interested and have one?

George says I’m an important soul in my group and that’s why I got interested in this stuff. I don’t see how I could be very important to any group, but that’s what he says. I don’t have many friends, I’m not usually successful with women. I’m lucky if I get laid every once in a while, and I’m not the leader type. I don’t even like my friends very much, and I don’t think they like me much. We’re more of a convenience to each other than anything else. We’re all sort of lonely people a little desperate for companionship, and that’s about it.

George keeps saying don’t worry; it’s all going according to plan. That’s easy for him to say. I for one don’t see any plan in it at all. It all seems just arbitrary and haphazard and accidental, just random stuff happening mostly to no effect. That’s the thing: nothing of any consequence is happening, it seems to me. Even the surprises in my life don’t amount to much, so how can this life of mine be important and going according to some Cosmic Plan?

George says if I knew the plan I’d surely ruin it, probably out of spite or contrariness. I can see his point. So, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with being just some anonymous cog in some Vast Cosmic Machine, doing whatever Its doing for some Mysterious Purpose known only to Itself. Or some bit in some Celestial Computer, not even an algorithm, just a tiny piece of information, probably not actually necessary for the completion of the final computation at all. Most likely my contribution will be deleted way before anything important happens.

I still have my hopes, though, like everybody. Maybe in my next life I’ll be the first one in my group to climb Mount Everest or something. You know, do something spectacular like inventing fake chocolate that tastes like real chocolate, or writing an inspiring novel or discovering something that changes lives for the better, some positive achievement that allows people to be a little happier, do something that makes life a little easier for someone.

George doesn’t give me much encouragement in these matters, though. He says just live my own life and be satisfied with it, that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, so everything is just rosy and running smoothly according to the Grand Design. He says I’m nearing my completion as an incarnate, anyway. Only a few more lives and I’ll hit the jackpot. He says when I become dead for the last time I’ll understand it all. I doubt it. Or, rather, when the plan is finally revealed to me, it’ll probably be a disappointment. All the engineers and technicians will me running around shouting for joy with big smiles on their faces, they’ve produced another toy or something, some product of which I was a valued participant in its success. That’s what they’ll tell me, anyway.

But I don’t think I’ll be smiling much or celebrating, I think. Living lives is a difficult way to participate in some Universe For Some Reason. It’s being an employee with very little benefits. I guess it’s the way you look at it, though. It could be worse. I mean, I could not have been born at all. George says there’s lots and lots of souls that are never born at all, that know nothing, that remain unconscious forever, that never know happiness or joy or fun or love, or anything. It makes you think. I feel sad for them, really.

I guess I should consider myself lucky in this way. There’s been some of that goodness in all my past lives, and will be in all my lives to come. George says I should try to appreciate this. Hopefully those will be the memories I’ll remember, of the good times back on earth when I was fortunate to be so many persons. Like I say, the end result of all this I don’t think I’ll care about, just the important stuff will have any real meaning for me, like all the moments in my lives when I was truly happy.

Mar 25 2014 01:19 AM
I had a girlfriend once who did have a spirit guide named George.
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