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Into The Great Cosmic Void - Intermission

Posted by StarMountainKid , 14 June 2014 · 190 views

The next installment of The Great Cosmic Void is coming soon, I promise. I’ve been a little distracted this week, so I’m still writing it. This is my excuse for not putting it up today.

Or, alternately, Zarkor has been a little distracted this week, so he is late in relating this adventure to me. This is an alternate version of how these stories originate. I must say in this case I have to do a lot of editing. Zarkor is sometimes miffed that I don’t include more scenes with him as the main character in them. If it were up to him, Zerak and Cloney would only be occasionally mentioned as background scenery.

I must say, the last Chapter was sort of a hodge-podge. I should have left some of it out to make the story smoother, but I didn’t. I thought the extra stuff I left in was funny, that’s why I included it.

By the way, this story is supposed to be mainly comedy. I was thinking of putting a ‘*’ at every funny part, as my sense of humor is not universally recognized as official humor.

I’m also thinking of making an animated video of this story with sound and a laugh-track. Sort of like a TV situation comedy or a Star Trek-like show, but funnier (hopefully).

I can do this, but it would take a little time. Maybe after I finish writing this story, whenever that may be. See, its hard thinking up new sentences and paragraphs out of nothing. I do want to get these guys to the Void as soon as possible, though. I think in the next Chapter they’ll be almost there, or maybe there, I'm not quite sure yet.

At any rate, what they find there will not be what Zarkor expects. I’m not sure he knows what to expect, either, as I think Cloney asks, “what is good stuff anyway?” I think he asks that question somewhere, as I tend to forget what’s happened in the previous Chapters. Like who says what and stuff like that, or what’s happened at all. I keep having to go back and check.

Also, I want to thank whoever reads this stuff for reading it. It amazed me anyone would be interested. All I do know for sure is, it takes a lot of courage and fortitude to slog through it all. I admire anyone who has this kind of resilience and stamina.

I promise when I publish The Last Chapter to note that it is in fact the last chapter. I know readers will give a collective sigh of relief when this happens. It must be tedious to have to keep coming back just to discover one has to come back again sometime in the future because there’s even more to read before the story comes to some exciting conclusion.

I like exciting conclusions myself, as that frees me up to get on with some version of what I call Real Life. Anyway, thanks for reading this, and don’t worry too much, I’ll free you all up for your own versions of Real Life pretty soon.

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