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I am totally pathetic!

Posted by glorybebe , 02 August 2007 · 46 views

I found out we had a hole in the floor in our storage closet....well, we now have mice.  I caught a big fat one, and I thought I was done, then I saw another one last night.  SO, out go the traps again.  I just heard a snap, and went to go and check and it was a tiny little baby.  It didn't die right away.  I cried when I saw it.  The back was broken and there was nothing I could do, if I threw it outside it would just suffer more.  Times liek that are when I need a man in the house.....although, knowing the guys I know, I'd still have to deal with the mouse!

I'd have flushed it. At least a quick way to go for the little bloke!
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