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Posted by Mistydawn , 05 June 2015 · 260 views

My sister died and left.

I love her. She loved me.

She was a beautiful soul.

She remains in my heart and all my memories of her are golden.

Some day, a new day will dawn and I will stand before my Maker and say,
"My sister is yours and not mine."
I love her and always will, I just want to say Thank you for letting me have her as my sister.


Misty is misty

Posted by Mistydawn , 30 December 2012 · 379 views
Misty is misty The year is drawing to a close.
A new year beckons. for all, for everyone. I know I am not alone in solitude, others are here with me, I just cannot see them and don't know them.

Resolutions, I have but a few. Should I bother once again to voice them or throw them to the wind?
The Wind.

I don't fear the dark, I've seen what is...


Misty does time in the attic of her mind

Posted by Mistydawn , 09 July 2012 · 475 views

Misty does time in the attic of her mind Returning here is normal, usual for me.
Many of my childhood years from around the age of nine, were spent
in attics alone.
Watching the shadows on the walls, examining the webs of spiders, looking
from the skylight window at the sky... crying "Freedom"

Today, people are behaving abominably towards others... I am told this in the
Newspapers, on...


Misty's Rants

Posted by Mistydawn , 07 July 2012 · 489 views

Misty's Rants Rant numero uno - I was born.

Several years later.....

Today I bought a new saddle for my bicycle. Not new exactly, used second-hand or second bummed.

Guy in shop saw my expression of horror at the prices he quoted for a new saddle, said he had an old bike
"upstairs" he'd put the saddle aside under the counter for me, if I wanted to call...

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