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Misty's Rants

Posted by Mistydawn , 07 July 2012 · 493 views

Misty's Rants Rant numero uno - I was born.

Several years later.....

Today I bought a new saddle for my bicycle. Not new exactly, used second-hand or second bummed.

Guy in shop saw my expression of horror at the prices he quoted for a new saddle, said he had an old bike
"upstairs" he'd put the saddle aside under the counter for me, if I wanted to call back at the weekend- would
only charge a couple of quid.

Any way a couple of quid later feeling good, dismantled old saddle with springs unlike newly acquired one,
although granted with a great big tear along it, it came off no difficultly at all.
Putting on newly acquired saddle took ynkies ages = I now have a spare piece; I know where it's meant to go, but ift JUST WONT FIT!!

So okay, bicycle has a thread-bare tyre on rear but hey, I bought the bike for £10 from a farmer who had it stored for milleniums in a barn, four years ago, it is remarkable that it is in such good shape really.

When I sat on it, in glee, it kind of went sky-ward.... going to have to dismantle the frigger and start all over....for F sake!!!!

LIfe has its frustrations, no doubt about it my friend, hope it works out....don't throw the bike ;-).

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