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Misty is misty

Posted by Mistydawn , 30 December 2012 · 379 views

Misty is misty The year is drawing to a close.
A new year beckons. for all, for everyone. I know I am not alone in solitude, others are here with me, I just cannot see them and don't know them.

Resolutions, I have but a few. Should I bother once again to voice them or throw them to the wind?
The Wind.

I don't fear the dark, I've seen what is there.
Silence I don't fear, it has surrounded me for all my life.
Monsters I don't fear, they come and they go.
Pain, not at all; I have conquered it and know I can again.
People,  I do fear, but I can avoid.

But, the Wind. I do fear ; A lot.

Still Waters
Dec 31 2012 12:35 PM
*gives Misty a great big hug*

I've never been one to celebrate at New Years eve much. January 1st is just another day after all.

I hope 2013 brings you good health and lots of happiness :)
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