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Time travel creates no paradox.

Posted by Magnatude , 19 August 2007 · 244 views

The Quantum Zone
My Theory of Time Travel
AKA: Time Travel creates NO Paradox.

To example this theory, I will use a cast of people:

The Cast:
Our “Origin” Time Traveler is “John”
Origin John’s friend is a Scientist named Origin “Fred”, he won’t be traveling, he stays behind to await Origin John’s return.

“Origin“: Is the exact time John leaves on his journey, we will say John leaves at Nov 1, 2:00am 2010.

Lets go through the moments before Origin John leaves:

Origin John and Origin Fred are busy setting up for the journey, it takes about 10 minutes to set up and  30 minutes to warm up the TT-Machine.

Origin John is ready at 2:00am  set the time of arrival to Nov 1, 1:30am 2010 (30 minutes back in time as a test) and hit’s the TT-M switch…

“Zap!!” (enter applicable effects)

Origin John appears before  John and Fred starting to warm up the TT-M.

Origin John thinks: “Gee this never happened as we prepped up the machine”

To John and Fred’s surprise (their POV), they suddenly see a Duplicate John standing in front of them.

Origin John realizes he is not actually effecting his own past and convinces John and Fred not to make the TT Journey, so they shut down the experiment.

Origin John decides to return to Nov 1, 2:00am  2010...

“Zap!” (enter applicable effects)

Origin John now appears before John and Fred again… still stripping down the TT-M equipment.
In the meantime (POV) Origin Fred still waits for Origin John’s return… Origin John however will never return to the “Origin”

Time Travel causes no paradox. It only displaces the Traveler from his “Origin”.

If you try to go back in time to change your past, you can never achieve this.
Your past has already been written by your POV (Point of view).

Therefore, if anyone DID achieve the ability to time travel, they could never prove it to their “Origin”, they may be able to prove it to the people he meets on his journey (by the futuristic items he carries with him).

Traveling into the future is a different story.
Now you leave the “Origin” to travel to the future, and you do have the ability to return to your “Origin” Time of displacement… whether you do or don’t return is pure variable. “Origin” Fred may or may not see Origin John again. (it hasn’t been written in either of John or Fred’s POV).
If Origin John did make the journey to the future and stopped at Nov 1, 3:00PM 2122.
He travels to a ‘played out’ future where Origin John hasn’t returned to Nov 1, 2:00am 2010.
Now since Origin john has stopped at  Nov 1, 3:00PM 2122, he takes in the sites and decides to return to Nov 1, 2:01am 2010
In doing so, he technically erased the “probability 2122” from his POV. And his return creates a clean slate for Nov 1, 2:01am 2010 onwards
Origin John can tell Origin Fred what happens in the future, however Origin John has re-introduced himself back into Origin Fred’s timeline, therefore Origin John’s vision of 2122 will not be accurate.
Now if Origin John once again returns to Nov 1, 3:00PM 2122, he will arrive at a totally different version of 2122 than his first visit.

Final Note: in John Titors case, my theory is his efforts were made, and were all for nothing as he has effectively changed time from his POV. John Titor returned to 2036, one likely that never saw the civil war, or perhaps one that suffered a even more serious war. He is effectively a displaced Time Traveler.

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