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My Life Changing Experience

Posted by Magnatude , 20 August 2007 · 270 views

It happened when I woke up one morning at my girlfriend’s apartment.
I remember laying propped up by a couple of pillows behind my back and I pondered on my tasks for the day.
It came over me from out of nowhere, the very essence of everything slid away like panes of transparent glass revealing a sight that my eyes and brain were incapable of comprehending..
I realized I was not “seeing” with my senses anymore, my view was from a point, radiating from all directions, bathed in yellow, white, orange, I knew the answers to everything, it was all so clear.
Then the panes remerged, I felt like laughing, but suddenly I was somewhat sad. I couldn’t bring back the answers, I could only relate to the experience and the overwhelming that I beheld.
My brain  became the reducer valve to a pipeline of my very essence.

There isn’t a day that I cease to remember what happened to me at that time 20 years ago. It was a life changing experience, something beyond the comprehension of this brain I use to experience “life” with.

What I can tell you is this, we limit ourselves by the experience of our flesh. Our own flesh mechanisms are overcome by the “material” world and override our ability to use probabilities.

I need to find a way to return to this experience.

[This is a true experience I've had, and one of the reasons I came to this forum. It has become the underlying driving force of my life]

The Puzzler
Nov 12 2007 02:02 PM
I arrived on UM after an epiphany myself, it wasn't physical like yours but changed my whole mind set I had up until that day, it was when someone informed me Martin Bryant (Port Arthur Massacre, Tas, Australia) was set up. I'm like, what the?? sure.......everyone saw him etc......I immediately checked it out and it seemed true! He was set up and he was incapable of firing a gun as was fired and no one actually identified him at all. I found UM at that time and from that day onwards I never looked at the world the same again, hence my name on here....we are all suckers.
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