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library internet security

Posted by sickpuppy , 26 November 2008 · 106 views

anyone in parramatta area?


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you now have unrestricted internet access!


Charlie Fraith
Dec 01 2008 11:58 AM
The reason why Libraries restrict access to certain sites is because of the safety of people...well someone has to do it...after all I should know, I work in a Library, and the same rules apply, it can be annoying, but hey I survive original.gif
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did this ever require a response..? O_o (...4 years later)

the library offers normal internet access and information terminals that only deliver certain info. what i was doing was exploiting an info terminal. yeah, it's dumb i know, but i was living in a boarding house at the time, [here's an insight into motivations] and these folks (who ran the boarding house) had the cahones to try claiming i skipped my rent over Xmas (when i specifically remember handing over the money thinking, maybe i can ask for $50 credit over Xmas to have some extra money and pay next time, but i didn't, i gave the whole amount) this is what happens when you get sloppy with receipts and mix business with "friends" ...i really dug the symbology of his house too

how are the two incidents related?

as i said, i was living in a boarding house.. lol, the people i lived with and *shared* my life with in that place were... ecclectic.. if you put a foot wrong you are in danger of being ****ed up.. you have to sleep with your wallet even in your own room.. and we supposed dregs of society were allowed to do all sorts of things, what i am suggesting to you here has interesting implications.. ever seen clockwork orange?

so my little have-at-you riposte of giving someone free internet access was pretty mild.. you can (could have) say (said) what you want, i (would have) just laugh(ed) at it all.

..but 4 years later, i come here and think again on Charlie Fraith's words

it's not about safety
you pay for the normal access, some libraries use a free time booking service (you can get 1 hour use, then it's someone else's turn)
i've never encountered a page that said "you can't look at this stuff" (censorship) ..but then, i was never looking for stuff that probably should be kept away from people (child porn)

..oh, yeah, echelon machine thing, yeah yeah i know i've mentioned child porn a lot lately and how i had to testify against a pedophile.. i suppose one day you'll tell me what that all means huh?

..so.. that's kinda *it* ...isn't it? ...i bring in the echelon machine while about to reflect on the next part of the Fraith response -- "well, someone has to do it"

mhmm, it's all about safety..
..and someone has to do it

well... sure...

but.. ummm... let's examine all this for a minute... and the next and final parts of the Fraith response,

we're talking about "safety" ....from the potential malicious actions of others
[this internet restriction and the echelon machine]

these "others" are "people"

people are supposed to kind of police their own actions, aren't they? ...or is the concept of a moral code dead? ..it all goes to hell from there, or why do we discipline children? ...some kind of echelon machine or internet restriction *protects* us from the actions of others now?

i have to kind of do it backwards - in the end, the Fraith response was all about "survival"

...not LIFE and LIVING

--- "hey, it's annoying, but i do it"

slaughterhouse worker: "hey, it's annoying, but i do it"
CIA employee: "hey, it's annoying, but i do it"
office drone: "hey, it's annoying, but i do it"
pole dancer: "hey, it's annoying, but i do it"

--- "i work in a library"

library. librum. books. books contain knowledge.
what could i possibly be implying here..?

--- "after all I should know"
aaah, exactly...

you work in a place of knowledge

so when you tell me it's about safety, you should know better

we could open up all sorts of avenues here,

"someone has to do it" /smirk

knowledge is power    ...power corrupts ....this is why it's restricted
we can't all be at the top of the pyramid, can we?
who's going to collect and dispose of our trash?
who's going to make dinner and wash the dishes?

....what's the problem with people being able to do those things for themselves?
at what point does personal responsibility enter the equation?

you will bring up particular issues like sanitation, mass transport, society itself and all this supposed "higher" beaurocratic stuff -- "well, how are we gonna run a society, stop using the internet you luddite and dig a hole and crap in it"


4 years later...

..maybe i'll do just that, ..thanks

this world being constructed.. umm, can i even say that anymore? after GFC and mid east, and fukushima, and swing music.. umm... what *is* going on.. apart from a huge decline, spiralling downward into oblivion? ...what's being constructed but our demise?

digging that hole and crapping in it suddenly seems like a very viable alternative?

i might just dive on in when there's enough to drown in :)

gah.. i shouldn't have said that.. the echelon machine will add that to its creative ways to eliminate enemy agents database...

/clicks ruby slippers 3x
..smothered in scarlet johansens chest
..smothered in scarlet johansens chest
..smothered in scarlet johansens chest
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sure, this is all nonsense :)

i've always thought people who express their innermost workings to complete strangers across the internet in a world like this were crazy anyway?


but it's a good kind of crazy.. like winona ryder says in Girl Interrupted "crazy is you or me amplified"

it's ok because i can't actually ....yech.. y'know.. infect you in any real way, you're behind your screen or whatever, hehe.. your mind is a strong enough antibiotic to filter out the workable material from the dross in what i'm saying

and same for me when i visit other blogs

heh.. even the best restaurant cooks have to wipe their ass too y'know

personal responsibility and what people choose to think are two different things

think about that when you next go to a fancy restaurant.. suddenly a home cooked meal takes on a whole new meaning...

...ahhh, ok... that's enough crackpipe for one night ^_^
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