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what must i do to become wise?

Posted by sickpuppy , 30 January 2009 · 110 views

there was once a man who wanted to become wise.. so he sought out a master..

"Master, what must i do to become wise..?"

the master did not reply.. the man leaves soon after..

the next day he returns, "Master! what must i do to become wise?!"

the master rises, and walks into a nearby lake, beckoning the man to follow.. which he does..

they are both in the water.. the Master grabs the man and pushes his head under the water..
the man struggles and finally breaks to the surface, taking in great lungfulls of air..

the master speaks, "what were you thinking when you were under the water?"

"AIR!" the man cries, "i wanted air!"

"..and this is how one becomes wise", said the master..
"you must seek to be wise, you must want to be wise, in the same way you wanted air when you were under the water.."

Jun 30 2010 04:21 PM
What would have been the master's reply if the guy had said, "I wanted you to stop holding me under water!"?  Nice Zen-like story, though. Most of us are too complacent to have that kind of passion.
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well spotted! (and a year too late by me)

as jung says;

he who comes to stare at the face of the water

..this is a test sufficient to frighten most people off
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