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sexual subliminal programming

Posted by sickpuppy , 30 October 2012 · 674 views

..made a post here some weeks ago, about a sexual subliminal message prominantly displayed on a shopping mall in the town i grew up in.. i got a bit impatient on page 3 and submitted a graphic description of the image.. soon after this, a member seemed to agree with what i was saying (on a limited basis) and thanks for your support btw, but the topic is now locked.. i was putting together a short video presentation on all this (it's on the youtube here ) ...but now i can't add that video link.

i'm not patient enough for all this...??

this does not mean i'm a creep or pervert for finding what i found..

many of us are trying to bring strange works out into the light..

..don't shoot the messengers

or one day there will be no more messengers left

Oct 30 2012 06:24 AM
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To copy a quote you made on my blog entry about commercials

unit, on 23 September 2012 - 02:26 PM, said:

the ad never speaks the truth it just shows you what you want the truth to be.
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So where is McLibel?  I agree with a lot of what you are saying about making kids into sexual objects.  The satirical perfume ad is exactly that.  And the clothing line.  I HATE the Disney channel and all the bull**** that comes from it.  I'd blow up my tv if it landed on the channel.  The Jon Benet thing too.  I'd like to see more of your blog.
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thanks for your responses.

Bones101, ummm... yeah? :) (..penny for your thoughts)

Mule, are you saying the 'ad' (the jackie Q "wet" perfume ad?) is merely deceptive (the ad is not true, only shows what we want to be true) [et al] ..or my hypothesis is wrong because i've used an ad to support it?
...i don't "want" to see a child as a sex object, (i had to testify against a pedophile earlier this year.) - please elaborate on this..?

ColdEthyl, McLibel is 700 megabytes and i only require approx. 10 seconds of footage from it.. i am homeless and let's just say "not rich", at the moment it's not high on my priorities list, especially when i try to get the info out there and 99% of the people try to turn it back on me... but when i see a seed grow in a person like you, it makes it all worthwhile.. you seem to be absorbing the "larger" message of what i'm trying to get across, people like you will carry the torch when people like me will place it down.

thanks for your time and interest. i will make more videos in time, i just need some time to myself and to develop some actual strategies.. it's hard doing anything worthwhile, it's even harder when you have no family, support structure, etc but i'm slowly learning to be less emotional and more logical. ..folks like ya'll even play a small part in that, so thanks again. i hope your days are blessed.
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This does concern me.   Thanks for your time and effort for putting this together, unit.
The latest music videos are trying to shock more and more it seems and my I try to shield my children from them as much as possible.  I cringe when I'm at the gym and some come up on the screen.  Katy Perry is another who tends make me grind my teeth and I get that feeling in my gut that it's not right.
Here in Australia, people have openly complained to Target (clothing store) on their facebook page about the skanky clothes they are aiming at young girls.  You definately aren't alone on this unit, keep up the good work.
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I've been effectively 'locked out' of my screwtube account.
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