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are you worried about surviellance on the internet?

Posted by sickpuppy , 26 April 2013 · 284 views

you probably know all the information is stored. maybe you think the worst to come from it is you'll be the endless recipient of junk mail, having been logged in various mailing lists that know what you like..

..but what if you start to research the conspiracy? ..have you ever received a spam email asking "so you're interested in the secret world? would you like to buy Carrol Quigley's Tragedy & Hope for only $9.95 ?"

it doesn't work like that, does it? ..i see people more and more posting stuff like "it seems every time i go to the conspiracy section my computer goes slow, and just now i was in the boston bombing thread and was wondering if i was being hacked"

how are you supposed to make this person understand what's going on.. when you have no idea how their grip on reality is?
obviously you're meant to say -something- ...but what?

Ok.. so treat the conspiracy scene like you're driving and you turn a corner (you're cruising along in life) and all of a sudden >wham< you come across a horrible train crash.. you screech to a halt, jump outta your car, and rush to the site..

do you know what the most important thing to do is now?

do you know it's all just about saving life at that point?

..what are you going to do?

the longer you hang around the scene, sure, the more you're gonna learn.. you might even be able to figure out exactly how fast the train was going, what it was carrying, why it crashed... y'know what i mean?

so let's fast forward this now.. to the point where people are thinking they're being surveilled because they're investigating the train crash.. and about all the 'data' that's stored when we use the internet

so imagine now, "they've" dragged you blindfolded into a room, and maybe like that scene in the matrix, they sit you down and plop down a big file in front of you - your file.. all the info they got on you -or- in this scenario; they've got footage of you at that train crash site

..maybe you can see where this is going?

what were you doing there? (smile)

if *YOU* know why you were there... then you've got nothing to worry about, have you? you grit your teeth and snarl "**** you, we both know i was there saving people! what were you doing there, mr. interrogator? busy filming me and others who arrived just trying to help? hahahah... and i'd do the same for you too mr. interrogator were it at all possible, i'd try to help you too if i could, from this trainwreck that is your life, now stop p***ing and moaning and trying to mind**** me you psychopath and just set me on fire already" [end]

but if you DON'T know why you were there... if you were just a spectator... if you were just curious or entertained about this, if you couldn't see people were getting hurt and you didn't do anything to help... you're now ****ed royally.. you're going to be tortured for the rest of your short time until you come out with some ****, any old ****, on why you were there..

..do you understand this?
a bit like the spanish inquisition maybe, huh?

..so that's what you're up against.. and notice i didn't mention demons or evil or anything beyond our scope of "normaility" ...no sir, that's for YOU to figure out.. now that you know there are those who are prepared to hurt you or scare you for trying to help your fellows out of that horrible train crash that not everyone knows about

so make a choice.. not for my sake, or others, but for yourself.. because if you're going to stick your head out from behind the rampart (via the revolutionary and dangerous act of uhhh, visiting a forum about the boston bombing) you're going to put yourself in the firing line, and if you ever happen to find yourself captured, taken behind enemy lines for questioning... you have to know yourself.. you have to know WHY you've done what you've done and why they're going to **** you over for it