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wiper blade: $3 from an independant, $70 from Ford, priceless

Posted by sickpuppy , 06 May 2013 · 450 views

i've made a new friend recently.. i'll spare you the details of how this single guy approx 37 y.o is every day busting his hump to earn money (he rebuilds cars in his back yard) trying to cook his meals, wash his clothes, etc all by himself.. existing in a world that doesn't seem to care about him..

..so he gets me to call a local auto-parts supplier because he's having trouble with them, so i do, and confirm they have a rear window wiper for an 08' model. so we drive out there, and he asks me to go in and buy the part.. now, as he does this he pulls a $10 note and a $20 note out, handing them to me, saying "right, now i know they're gonna try screw me.. but let's just see HOW MUCH they're gonna try screw me for... thing is, if i go to [withheld] i can buy this part for $3.. so, let's see how much they're gonna try and screw me for.."

so i go in.. money in hand.. not only am i waiting while some young guy types away silently at a keyboard for an eternity, but without disappointing me, goes on to say "we don't have it on stock just now" (and remember, we phoned ahead to confirm this!) he then proceeds to tell me "it's gonna be $69.99 for the part"

..and the part, you ask?

a gold-plated hubcap?
a platinum steering wheel?
baby seal fuzzy dice?


the rubber for a rear wiper.. and i don't mean the whole arm component.. i'm talking about the piece of ******* RUBBER..

-- which we can get for $3 from [withheld]

..i told my new friend, "..within 2-3 years your $3 supplier will be gone the way of the dinosaur.."

i think for a while my new friend just didn't understand why i don't want to 'own' anything

..i think now he understands completely

May 06 2013 03:26 AM
Yeah, dealer parts are outrageous. I knew a Ford parts man. He said a guy came in with a Lincoln needing a starter. He said I can sell you a Ford starter for $99, or a Lincoln starter for $189. They're both exactly the same, only the part numbers are different.

The Lincoln owner insisted on the Lincoln starter. He didn't want a Ford part on his car lol
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spud the mackem
May 06 2013 09:21 AM
Yep Ford have a habit in ripping off people,I went to exchange my car for a newer model they offered me $450, so I stared at the guy then walked out and went to Vauxhall they gave me $3000 in part exchange and I got a far superior model Ford are crap.
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