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katy perry's parents

Posted by sickpuppy , 12 May 2013 · 466 views

i've been doing some 'research' into Katy Perry's supposed "illuminati" involvement.. it's been difficult to extract required footage from the recent Katy Perry movie/documentary and make my documentary..

untill then, i'd like to just run this by you..

This is Katy Perry's "mom and dad"
Posted Image
since i've been doing this for a long time, just seeing these people speaks volumes to me..
i asked my girlfriend, "this is Katy Perry's mom and dad - tell me what you think of them just by seeing them.."

she thinks for a moment, then says "the mom looks like a presidents wife... the dad looks like a screaming queer"

i love my gal. she might not know the ins and outs of the spiritualist new-age movement, but there's nothing wrong with her spidey-senses..

Now, you know the dad is a preacher, so right off the bat there is 'the spiritual link'

Would any so-called 'man of God' want that life for his daughter?

it makes sense now, seeing the home movie footage of her when she was 4 years old
older brother: "Katy, say you're gonna win the trophy"
Katy: "i already said it 400 times"

it starts to become apparent what kind of life they intended for the young Katy

but focusing on these two in the picture... what you are seeing is two people who have tried to perform the divine marriage by-proxy.. the dad has attempted to harmonize the female polarity (ie: he looks like a screaming queer) and the mom has tried to balance her male polarity (ie: she looks like a presidents wife)

was John Todd right? - "you have to be in the craft these days to get a recording contract" (he said that in the late 70's)

have you noticed more and more recording artists are using spiritual imagery, flashing the handsigns, etc?