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subliminal ****

Posted by sickpuppy , 29 June 2010 · 171 views

bah. a topic just reminded me of this.

i think it was the first football grand-final after the 9/11 event..

they had this big **** slow-mo intro piece for the game, just as it was ending i turned to my father (the football fan) and said (sarcastically) "oh, that's great, we beat the terrorists"

guess what the first commercial was, about 2-3...


mah habone

Posted by sickpuppy , 27 April 2010 · 102 views

have to walk past a diocese when i visit a friend. priest was out front. (I) said "Mah habone" as i walked past..

..it takes a second.. then stops dead in his tracks and says "very good"

we both continue along our journey..


when monsanto owns the world

Posted by sickpuppy , 03 January 2010 · 117 views

Posted Image


heart shaped rock

Posted by sickpuppy , 26 August 2009 · 273 views

my dog had to be put down.

it started out as my dog, but i had an argument with my dad many years earlier, and he ended up 'owning' sasha

the night before she died, i was saying goodbye.. sasha (our dog) was just laying there, i patting her..

with tears in my eyes i am saying to sash that i was sorry, and i hoped she had a good life.. i happened...


what must i do to become wise?

Posted by sickpuppy , 30 January 2009 · 101 views

there was once a man who wanted to become wise.. so he sought out a master..

"Master, what must i do to become wise..?"

the master did not reply.. the man leaves soon after..

the next day he returns, "Master! what must i do to become wise?!"

the master rises, and walks into a nearby lake, beckoning the man to follow.. which...