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50 shades of.. wow.. just wow..

Posted by sickpuppy , 08 October 2012 · 448 views

a +/- 60 y.o lady, alternative researcher and spiritualist friend, read me some of this new book a few nights ago, we'd been hearing about it a lot in the msm, curious to see what the noise is all about

the part where she interviews the guy, and the interview as seen from his perspective.. (she also informed me of a relationship he was involved in when...


follow the numbers >:)

Posted by sickpuppy , 08 October 2012 · 288 views

every category of specific interest in 'something unexplained' here in the forum listings, they all have < 500,000 replies at the time of this blog entry.

the conspiracies & secret societies section has 1,440,199 replies

the 2nd highest amount is 444,000 replies in the "ET life & Ufo...


christians = conspiracy theorists by default

Posted by sickpuppy , 07 October 2012 · 365 views

when the Godless world system makes its final play only the ones who hold to the idea of a 'God' will be left to challenge it.

by then, most of you will be in-line with the system.. or.. are you going to be protesting and refusing their empire? the only ones decrying the system in those times *must* be conspiracy theorists, right? ...because only a...


heart shaped rock ..the photo.. finally

Posted by sickpuppy , 23 September 2012 · 445 views

finally uploaded
Posted Image


clinton speech.. between the lines

Posted by sickpuppy , 06 September 2012 · 391 views

part of a bill clinton speech, at a recent obama rally.. this is not verbatim, but close enough. i have not taken the words OUT of context, i can't be assed trolling through transcripts to post this in a blog noone reads anyway..

clinton: "I can't for the life of me, begin to tell you about some of the people i've worked with ......