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Posted by Set the Fallen , 02 September 2011 · 500 views

What can I say? I consider things many times, consider possibilitys, consider the life around me.
Moving along seems strange, and I do not know what will lie in that future. Though dreams give me insight in the future far away, it tells not what will happen in between. My desteny is fortold, and I know as each step shows me another stage of this life I have. How I affect it, and rule out destiny itself. I made sure to alter my own fate, preveanting death, but what now? Still dreams tell of a future yet it seems I did not predict right. Things still come to pass, yet I avoided one way to die misserably and horendus.
Yet another way to die, it is approaching me. How should I calculate according to human life? Life seems so long lasting, though it is shorter than a glimps of my normal eyes. Usually, when I close my eyes and open them, milleniums would have passed on earth. It is not that slow, but in a way, it is like that. Out there, from my world, there is another sensation of time, another aspect of aproch on reality, for to us the time is nonexisting. We can live seeming as we never move to humans, as statues if found, but what they do not see is our dance. A dance of life, like the wind in grass. If your a ant, you might not see it, but from above you know something is going on. You can see as it dance, how the wind grips on the grass making it whistle a huming low song. Singing grass. It reminds me of how the grass back home is. Desert grass... my worlds grass.
I don't think a human can imagine it, the grass I speak of. Though similar to this worlds grass, it is essentially much more different. More gracefull, beautifull, sad. It makes me feel remorse regarding some of my past choises.
If I had not followed my pat, would perhaps I still be in my beloved lands? Seen the grass that sings it's songs in my world?

Somehow I wonder... if that is my world, were was it? Were is my world now? Everything is moving, and will I be able to get back one day? Lay beneath my sky, on my grass which is not green, feel it to my skin again? I wonder... will I know when I am home, or will I forget it, until I bare to face it again? Returning home means many things, but one of them is to face the past, and that past, shall I say, is not to comforting. Demons, angels... what do humans know? Though they know basic of science, think they know the laws, think they know beauty, think they know advanced... they have not seen what I have seen.

I wonder, should I be comforted by knowing such things that I can not tell to those who would missuse?
Am I comforted living in a world which do not satisfy me...? This world I try to make my own, but can not bare to feel part of since my kind long have forsaken these lands.. it is not as my world.

People... you know how it is to be long from home, and then return one day.
It is strange is it not? How yoru world seem to be on head, how you seem to have gained knowledge of other things, while everything still either is the same, or changed to someting unreconizable... were do the change start? Is it the home that change or is it you? Watching home, I wonder if I will reconize it when I get there...

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