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Maury Island UFO incident

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 24 January 2009 · 98 views

Welcome to my first entry for the new year.  wavey.gif

The maury island incident is a strange one. A man, his son and dog are one a boat one morning, and then the unthinkable happenes. Four to six ufos show up and hover over the boat, but one shows signs of distress and begins to emit a strange slag. The slag hits the boat multiple times. In the end, all the ufos fly off, circleing the distressed ufo. The slag kills the dog and injures the son. The man clames to collect slag samples. The next day, a man in black comes to his house and invites him for breakfast at a diner. While at the diner, the man in black tells the witness to tell everyone the sighting was a hoax to "protect his family."

This is a strange case indeed, was it a hoax or did it happen. We are left to wonder.

Next time, I investigate the Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter. See you then.  wavey.gif

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