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Cyclist Captures Alien on Tape?

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 31 December 2012 · 913 views

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Today, we're going on a magical adventure through the forest! We've got bikes, mounted cameras on our handlebars and the beauty of nature! Oh and a creeper alien. What also makes this trip so magical is the fact that as of writing this post, I've gone almost 23 hours without sleeping. Don't ask why, just accept it and our adventure will be all the more fun! So there is absolutely NO info on this video what so ever. Though I'm going to guess that it was shot sometime in August 2011 since that's when it was uploaded. The video shows a cyclist riding through the forest. (I'm severely disappointed in the lack of talking animals) At one point in the video, if you look to the left of the frame, you can see a white headed figure with a black body standing behind a tree. (No it's not Slender Man) The cyclist says that when he got home to review the footage, that's when he noticed the being standing behind the tree watching him. He asserted that he never saw anyone or saw anything peculiar while riding.

I can understand that if you're a vlogger or if you're making a professorial cycling video that you'd have a reason to film your rides. But why the hell to ordinary people feel the need to film their rides and then watch it when you get home? Especially with that ****ty quality! What, do you not remember what you just did? Oh, it's like season 6 Doctor Who and "The Silence"!...this is making no sense is it? OK...moving on then! So let's talk about the alien. Or rather we would talk about the alien if you could actually freaking see that damn thing! All you can make out is a white ball with a black "body". You can't see clear enough to tell if it has arms, legs or any facial features. I mean, who's to say that this isn't a literal white ball in a stick that's been draped in a black cloth? The video had potential, but it failed to deliver by bringing us a being that we can't see and that the "set-up" to the video has been done so many times. (I was filming my activity when I captured something paranormal!) So I think it's fake, but what do you peoples have to say? Is this a real alien watching this man cycle through the enchanted forest or is this just a hoax?
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