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UFO Mother-ship Filmed from Plane in Mexico?

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 14 February 2013 · 811 views

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Oh look a giant UFO is flying not to far from the plane. Let’s NOT give a crap! That pretty much sums up this video. So a passenger who was on a plane in Mexico claims to have captured video of a large, flat black UFO mother-ship rising in the air not to far from the plane. The video was shot sometime in December 2012. The video shows the large UFO with visible lights (in the day time…) rising into the air. Then the video just stops. The person who was recording said that as they were filming, the camera just shut off. The rest of the video is the same video, just with added filters to help show the UFO better.

Hey, just a friendly reminder. When making a fake UFO video, make sure the UFO actually syncs up with the movements of the camera. Yes, if you look closely, at certain points, the UFO doesn’t stay in place like it should. The motion syncing wasn’t done very well and it outs this video as a fake. So, since this video has been debunked, I’ll ask this instead. If you saw a UFO while you were on a plane, what would be the first thing you say out loud?


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