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Man Photographs Ghost in Oregon Cemetery?

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 08 August 2013 · 326 views

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There's nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with your loved one in a cemetery. That is, if you don't mind being surrounded by dead bodies while watching the sunset. So today we're headed to the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, Oregon where a man claims he snapped a photo of a ghost. Photographer Nathan Ziegler had recently received a new GoPro camera that takes photos every 30 seconds. Wanting to get a time-laps photoset of the sunset, he took his new camera over to the Old Pioneer Cemetery on July 23rd, 2013 and set it up. When he retrieved the camera a few hours after setting it up, he loaded the images onto his computer and looked through them. Everything seemed normal, then he looked through the photos again the following morning and then he noticed something very odd in one of the photos. Appearing in only one photo, a figure can be seen standing next to the tree on the left. The figure was photographed at around 9:08 p.m. People began to throw out their own explanations as to what the figure could be. A fallen tree branch, a bug, a speck of dust and a person were all suggested to be the true identity of the mysterious figure. Nathan however, has tested all these theories and came back saying that he doesn't believe the figure is anything that was suggested. As of now, he still doesn't know what it is and the debate is still going.

So you set up a camera to take pictures of a sunset in a cemetery and you just happen to capture a ghost in one of the photos. Sounds like this guy got pretty lucky, but I'm not buying it. Let's run through all the theories proposed by people. Starting with it being a fallen tree branch, I have to agree that this is not a branch. If a branch had fallen to the ground, it most likely would have shown up in a couple other photos and not just one. Plus, the branch would've still been on the ground and Nathan says he and his brother-in-law didn't find any fallen branches in the area when they went back to the cemetery the next day (July 24th). next we have it being a bug or a speck of dust. It's clear that it's neither of those two because whatever it is, it's actually by the tree. Lastly we have it being a person. Nathan and his brother-in-law tested this theory and found that if someone were to walk closer to the camera that they could walk across the camera's range of view in about 28 seconds. But given the distance the figure is at, it's highly unlikely it was a person. However, there's one flaw with this debunk. Sure, it'd be very hard for someone who started from the right of the frame to run all the way over to the tree in 30 seconds, but what if someone were to have entered the frame from the left where it's closer to the tree. It looks like it'd be much easier for someone to walk over to the tree from the left, wait 30 seconds for the camera to snap a picture and then exit the frame of view from the left. It's because of this that I don't believe this is a spirit, but instead it's a person, and it's someone who most likely knew the camera was there. If it was some random person, they would've shown up in other photos casually walking. So overall, while at first it does seem like this could be a real ghost, I believe this is a hoax and the ghost is really just Nathan. I could be wrong, but that's what I think. But what's your opinion? Did this man capture an actual ghost standing near a tree, or is it all just a hoax?


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