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>Untitled Poem

Posted by , 31 January 2005 · 327 views

Stories and poems about random junk
Alone and Broken
Lost in the World Of My Dreams
I watch helplessly in awe
As reality starts  to slip away

Now quietly my soul lies dormant
Waiting for my pain to subside
My fragile heart is broken now
Here it lies shattered among the stones
As i search for shelter from the tears
Falling like crystal raindrops
Playing a music so sad and clear

And as i search for a shelter
All i find are the walls you left behind
To trap me here
With all the hurtful memories that once i foud so sweet

So with no escape
With my dreams turned to nightmares
I wander searching always for a place to hide
Among the rubble of the prison created in my mind
By You

For you haunt me always
Tormenting me to insanity
Begging to be left alone in my hearts sweet  agony

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