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There's Always Time

Posted by Dr. D , 16 October 2012 · 439 views

It was difficult in those days but we never knew it.  Somehow the simplicity of being poor gave beauty to our days.  We had no car but rode the train North to the River Po where we sprawled on the scented grass and ate the delicious bread from that bakery in Portofino.  We bought cheese from the Tuscan farmer and drank vino da tavola, raving of its...


Thank You, Sadists

Posted by Dr. D , 15 October 2012 · 529 views

I want to begin by saying thank you for the many messages I received telling me how much my dementia was enjoyed.  However sadistic you have to be to say something like that, there was something especially rewarding in having some of you say that I am only stark raving mad.  Mad isn’t like dementia because some less illiterate people might think I was...


La Cristiada

Posted by Dr. D , 14 October 2012 · 424 views

On a crisp early morning in March of 1927, they were placed before the adobe wall: Antonio Muñiz, Dolores Rodriguez, Juan Silva Garcia, Placido Archiniega, Padre Jose Rodriguez Gonzalez, Francisco Guzman, Jose Fuantos Silva and Isidro Perez Vazquez.  Two kilometers away, in the large plaza known as the Alameda, the same was happening to Antonio...


Raul and Claudia

Posted by Dr. D , 13 October 2012 · 467 views

Several years ago Claudia Maria Alvarez Saenz got pregnant.  She was sixteen and her boyfriend, Raul Delgado Cortez was 19.  They wanted to marry but her father refused permission because she was too young.  They couldn’t tell him that she was pregnant because they would never have been permitted to see each other again.  They planned for a few days...


Getting to Know Me

Posted by Dr. D , 12 October 2012 · 471 views

People have the wrong image of me.  Some see the romantic.  Others see the philosophical explorer.  Others see the professional, diligently plying his craft.  Few, however, see me for what I am.

I am demented.

What’s more, I am completely dedicated to my dementia.

I like to exercise it to keep it fully dysfunctional.  I like to call companies where...


We Should Have

Posted by Dr. D , 11 October 2012 · 334 views

We should have taken that vacation and visited your parents.  But there was work and so little time.  There were deadlines and appointments and a thousand other things I could have postponed . . . . we should have taken that vacation.

We were so close, we should have driven down to Bray and eaten at The Fat Duck.  You had always wanted to and we were so...


The Book of Micah

Posted by Dr. D , 10 October 2012 · 418 views

I like the simple people, the ones who toil throughout their lives without acclaim or even notice.  Those who keep their dreams in a garden of hope, somehow knowing they will never blossom.  People who struggle and connive to survive; those who want the best and work the most and do it only because it needs to be done.  I prefer those who share their...


Welcome to B.A.

Posted by Dr. D , 09 October 2012 · 504 views

I am forming the international organization, B.A.

Bookaholics are a unique and afflicted class needing therapeutic approaches to their addiction.  A bookaholic can no more pass a book store than an alcoholic can pass a bar.  Human nature is never so weak as in the bookstore.  I recently heard a woman step into a taxi and say, “Barnes and Noble, and...


She is Woman

Posted by Dr. D , 08 October 2012 · 263 views

She is the fountain of life and love found its greatest meaning in her.  She is the arbitrator and oracle, the counselor and garbage collector.  She is the reader of fairy tales and expert of time management.  She is chef and designer, tranquilizer and motivator.

She is woman.

She is seamstress and maven of diaper changing.  She is referee and judge,...


My Adopted One

Posted by Dr. D , 07 October 2012 · 443 views

It was 3:45 p.m. on a Friday in January and we were led past the twin glass doors of the Miramont Nursing Home.  It was a community program for high school juniors to adopt an elderly resident and learn the important lessons of compassion, service and social skills.  I didn’t know in that moment I was going to learn much more.

I was led to room 32...