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Posted by Dr. D , 05 August 2010 · 74 views

A million faceless people have touched my days
People who entered my life and walked past the limits of my memory
To be forever lost in the limbo of what once was.
What they gave or took from the inventory of my life
I do not recall, except that they once were there
And now they have gone without the honor of remembrance.

There were those, of course, undeserving of remembering
And those who were a fleeting moment, incidental and then gone
Like sparks drifting to the heavens, imitating stars.
And there are those who I struggle to recall
Frowning with squinted eyes I try to fix a face upon my mind
But they are also gone and I am guilty of their neglect.

But others are there, firm fixtures of the gallery of recollection
They speak in whispers and repeat their messages like tired reruns
Some haunt me, intruding upon my day, demanding their place in time
And others come gently in hours of need, giving me warmth and refuge.
They are all there, somewhere, reminding me that I am a composite
Of who they were and what they left behind when peeking into my life.