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Posted by Dr. D , 23 August 2010 · 74 views

“Yessir,” I’ve heard myself say, in that tone of boastful arrogance . . . .
“I’ve seen it all, I have.
“Saw the Himalayas once from the window of an old DC-3.
“Now, that was a sight!
“Once you’ve seen that, it’s hard to appreciate the size of anything!”
(My God, how can I measure how I love you?”)

“Saw the lagoon at the Tongan Islands, too . . . .
“Where they can’t dock a boat . . . . too shallow . . . .
“So the mailman swims to shore to bring letters from the freighters.
“Saw fakirs in Calcutta, and psychics in Scandanavia.
“No sir, nothing could surprise me now!”
(I love you and you have returned my love.  Impossible!)

“I’ve seen folks die in ways people weren’t meant to die.
“Heard mortars whine . . . .
“Felt the earth tremble . . . .
“Smelled the acrid horror of napalm . . . .
“No, nothing could scare me now.”
(What if I should lose you?”

“Saw hunger, and plenty of it . . . .
“Felt it once or twice as well.
“Saw old soldiers with just one of everything . . . .
“Saw mine disasters and a ferry that went down at Kowloon.
“There’s nothing left for me to feel!”
(I’ve never been so lonely.  Hunger was better.  I’m not whole without you.)

“Yessir, I’ve seen it all . . . .
“There’s nothing left of importance . . . .
“The rivers of Sweden, fields of France,
“Mount Carmel and Old Pompeii . . . .
“No sir, there’s nothing left . . . “
(I envision your face and your smile that says, “Enter, my heart’s at home.”)

Out of all the boasts and ignorance,
I no longer witness wonder.
I am now part of it . . . . because of you.
The works of nature’s ages
Are dwarfed beside the heights of my love . . . .
And the depths of my despair.