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UM: Who We Are 2

Posted by Dr. D , 19 September 2012 · 320 views

338, that’s the number.  There are 338 cities in the world with approximately the same population as UM has members.  Macon, Georgia; Gary, Indiana; Albany, New York are all on the list.  Townsville, Australia; Gütersloh, Germany and Worcester, England are there.  Delft, Netherlands; Batang, Indonesia and Sanhsia, Taiwan are included.  One hundred thousand faces comprising a society of movement as they go to work, school, errands and home.  They exchange greetings, attend parties, make videos of school plays and mourn at funerals.  They are people just like all people and their lives touch one another, each leaving a particle of their self.  One hundred thousand of them just as there are one hundred thousand of us.

I wrote of us, we who form this electronic society and some chose to see the specimen instead of the species.  Are there those among us who are stubborn in their unyielding opinions?  Yes.  Are there those who use caustic replies instead of compromise or the simple process of being wrong?  Yes.  Are there members who offend us by a careless word or thoughtless impulse?  Yes.

Why is it so?  Because we are, after all, a society composed of people who met no particular criteria to be here.  We are part of them and they form part of us.  Here we find philosophers and bigots, liberals and racists, homophobes and gays, the wise and the foolish.  But we come together as do all people in all cultures to form something better than ourselves; a society.  

We have the right to be offended but not to make the offender the example of all.  We have the right to criticize, but not to generalize.  Greater than our right is our obligation to respect that prejudice and bigotry were planted in the fields of youth, not cultured as a choice.

In the end, we have an image.  It is the collective vision of who we are as this society.  We send ideas and dreams across the world in the spirit of sharing.  There is no profit to our prophesies or philosophies.  We do not manipulate for advantage or pillage in the name of dominance.  We are here only because we have things to learn and teach and perhaps that is the greatest Unsolved Mystery of all.

As one who has written angry words without thinking far too often, I greatly appreciated your comments. The last time I flew off the handle, I somehow managed to get a grip on myself and realize what I was doing in time to apologize and make amends. I think membership here (because it happened on a thread here) is making me a better person. I value that.
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Vernon the Great
Sep 19 2012 05:58 PM
I come here just to read your posts but this makes me want to participate more.
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On good forums the benefits outweigh the negatives.  This forum is great for me... at night when I can't sleep I mull over the words here and wallow in them.  I'd have to agree that membership here is also making me a better person, good point lizzieboo.
Vernon, do participate.  We'll wait for you.
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