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The Movie of My Life

Posted by Dr. D , 21 September 2012 · 310 views

I like to think that I am in a movie.  It is the movie of my life and characters move in and out to influence who I am and how I think.  They interact with one another but the plot works toward a common conclusion and I have my role and I act as well as I know how.  All of us, those within the epic film of my existence, believe that somewhere above us is a force operating the projector and it somehow guides us through our roles and governs our destinies.

In the time of my youth, I stood in the lobby and scanned the wide variety of movies available to me.  There were dramas, crime stories, comedies, romances, adventures, horror films and animated movies.  I had my choice of what kind of life I wanted and I was free to be a criminal, to love, to laugh, to lose myself in the terror of the evils around me or to never mature and enjoy animation.  It was totally my choice and I would be forever responsible for it.

There was the time of experimentation.  Bubble gum somehow found my pocket at the grocery store.  Believe it or not, a watermelon stolen from the field tastes better.  Midnight walks through graveyards with trembling friends.  “I love you” flowing from the lips with the ease of the thousands of my other lies.  I entered an array of movies trying to find a place where I might belong.

What I discovered, however, was that if I didn’t like the movie, I could get up and walk out.  I could go to another and the great projector would still be there welcoming me.  I went to the comedies to learn to laugh at myself.  I went to the dramas to learn that experience builds character.  I went to romance to learn it was not a selfish game.

I am in the movie of my life and you, too, play your part.  I ask that you give your best performance because it will be the chronicle of who we were.  We may not win Oscars or praise at Cannes but we will follow the script and interpret it with our tears, smiles, fears and pain.  It is all we can do because as it was once said, we are but actors and all the world is a stage.

May the great projector watch over you.

Ever Learning
Sep 21 2012 02:59 PM
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....celluloid heros never really die ......ray davies
....all I want is to play in the final scene....kim mitchell....

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You, Dr D. are in quite the 'tear jerker' and yet I'm waiting for the next happy part to begin.  I'll be waiting quietly in the audience, with the others on this forum.
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