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A Scattering of Words

Posted by Dr. D , 23 September 2012 · 392 views

I scatter my words over the fields of minds, hoping that a seed of meaning might be found in them.  I undress my soul without shame or hesitation because it demands to be seen.  Every fear, doubt, pain and sorrow is painted in the portraits of paragraphs for anyone to see, for I no longer care about dignity or secrets.  Who dares judge me?  I am the one sitting with only the glow of the monitor to light the room, pulling the night around me like an ebony cape.  I am the one finding no comfort in what I am and without reason to be more.  I am the one lost inside myself, not bothering to search for escape.

Do I bore you?  Does this constant withering of the heart wear upon your ears like screaming chalk?  Then forgive me, because it is as I am and my mind will not conjure words to present me differently.  If night weighs heavily upon me and my deepest sigh retards a tear, I must write about it or the tear will most surely fall.  The dull echoing of my heart does not tell me I am alive, only that I am here.  Perhaps I have stopped living.  Perhaps I am now only waiting.

But the words I send are orphans searching in the night, under the electric stars.  They have no home.  No one’s heart gathers them in and nurtures them and traces them back to me.  No one embraces them with the slightest promise of hope.  They are examined and abandoned to the fickle wind of memory, hovering there until completely forgotten.  There is no message revealing that my words took root in someone’s heart; no timid cry from someone understanding.

The night engulfs me.  A sliver of a moon scars the sky.  Each creature is sleeping without fear about tomorrow.  I push the key and my words take flight.  They are seeking a heart to happen in.

Your words do take root in someone's heart.
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Sep 23 2012 07:56 PM
You do not bore me...
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Sep 23 2012 09:35 PM
Your words are beautiful raw truth written in a way that trully catches my attention. You make me stop and ponder life. You have made me realize my petty complaints are silly. These words/your words do have meaning. My thoughts and feelings are not spoken normally. I'm sorry for that. I wish I could describe all that I am day to day the way you do. :-)
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I think you are somewhat underestimating the power of your words (and seeds).  There are times when I can't stop thinking about words written on this forum, including, ofcourse, yours.  You must know that many of us click straight to your blog to read your words?
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