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The Haven of Forgotten Gods

Posted by Dr. D , 04 October 2012 · 473 views

It’s out there, just beyond the reach of time, the Haven of Forgotten Gods.  Some would call it a rest home for it is the place where the gods go when they are no longer active or needed.  Their children have long since abandoned them and they wile away their time in recollections and restoring a fragment of an old pride. They are all there, Thor, Enki and Baal.  Isis, Horus, Ishtar, Krishna and Nemesis are residents.  Quetzalcoatl, Pan and Osiris are there with Ra, Shiva, Vulcan, Zeus and more.  All the gods of old lounge and bathe in the glory that was theirs.

Arguments rage about past powers.  Some tell of martyrs and sacrifices in their name.  Others counter that unbelievers lost their heads and some wrote their own vengeance in earthquakes and storms.  The chronicles of their reign are filled with sagas, love, destruction and gore but they are there together, each clinging to his own memories like buried treasures.  Some have their spiritual regime recorded in books; the Theravada, the Veda and Puranas, the Bhagavad-Gita and others. Some had disciples and some had armies.  Each had their time of glorification and each is now gone and they spend their time sitting on the porch spatting about doctrine, dogma and destiny.

They are feeble now, their followers having disappeared or waned to a rebellious few.  Mandaens yet exist and some still pay homage to the gods of ancient Greece.  Some Mayans follow the faith of old and there remains the stubborn Asatru.  But no festivals celebrate their name, no days to give tribute to their power or prayers directed to their attention.  Each enjoyed a time when they represented the absolute truth and sin was defined by disbelief.  In time, the truth was diluted or conquerors brought a greater one.  Just as truth was altered, so did the gods find their demise.

And planets turned, orbits whirled and all was repeated in the wind between the worlds.  Not one god affected a single revolution of the planet.  Not one moved the worlds from their cosmic course.  Not one changed anything except the minds of men.

So they congregate there in the Haven of Forgotten Gods, located out there, just beyond time.  And they await their next resident.

Oct 04 2012 03:11 PM
Very nice. I hope they're in some sort of gated residential area, and the gatekeeper keeps a very rational mind.
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Will the god of today disappear from our culture too I wonder?
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You can count on it, Bling. It's in the bag.
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