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Welcome to B.A.

Posted by Dr. D , 09 October 2012 · 502 views

I am forming the international organization, B.A.

Bookaholics are a unique and afflicted class needing therapeutic approaches to their addiction.  A bookaholic can no more pass a book store than an alcoholic can pass a bar.  Human nature is never so weak as in the bookstore.  I recently heard a woman step into a taxi and say, “Barnes and Noble, and step on it!”  It is definitely time to come out and confess, “My name is Dora and I am a bookaholic.”  Bookaholics Anonymous will have chapters in every literate nation of the world.

Like the alcoholic, bookaholics come in different types.  The alcoholic can be the wino, excessive beer drinker, the hard liquor type and those who like to mix them all.  The bookaholic can find their addiction in biographies, fiction, crime novels and like the wino, cheap romances.  Of course, there are also the readers of the erotic kind that can cause a person to become a full-fledged bibliophiliac.  Negative literary influences can produce the most despicable of the group, which is the deranged bibliophile who preys on children’s books.

The bookaholic is one who is convinced that everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book.  They sometimes carry their addiction to the extreme and no longer perceive the actual quality of the book.  “I read it three times,” said one addict, “but I think the covers were too far apart.”  Like the inebriated man slumped in an alley, we find the bookaholics reading on subways, airplanes, parks and plazas and, of course, the enticing saloon of all readers, Starbucks.  They finally reach that point where they no longer try to hide their addiction and display it openly, abandoning the last fragment of their dignity.  Upon reaching the last chapter of the book they’re reading, they experience the anxiety that grows into panic as they run frantically through the streets searching for that prime supplier, Books a Million or B & N.

We have heard the horror stories of bookaholics.  Some, in their days of withdrawal, would lie in bed eyeing the book on the nightstand.  In a moment of desperation they would even risk prosecution by the FBI and tear off the mattress label and read it until going to sleep.  One woman woke up in a motel room with a strange book at her side.  The addition is consuming and affects both social and family life.  “I started off with the newspaper and the breakfast table,” confessed Don B. “and it just grew from there.  Next thing I knew I was reading magazines and then paperbacks and then – well, you know – the hard stuff.”

If you have a reading problem and are ready to recognize that you need help, just put your name and comment below and one of our support personnel will contact you.

Ever Learning
Oct 09 2012 02:41 PM
I've tried to hide how many books i read simultaneously but as my hunger grows, i find my self adding more and more books to my kindle, i try to form a healthy relationship with one, but i know deep down that one book is not enough for me and that i have no intention of committing to a book. help me :)
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Oct 09 2012 04:02 PM
Word of the week: bibliophiliac :D
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Wordless Wanderer
Oct 09 2012 05:53 PM
I am a bookaholic. I simply can't resist buying a book or two when I pass a bookstore
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royal proclomation: henceforth, reading is illegal.

Q) "what do you think of the kings new proclomation?"
A) .."what proclomation?"
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Oct 10 2012 06:54 PM
I miss my books. So I buy new ones....

I might need help.
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