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On Nights Like This

Posted by Dr. D , 06 October 2012 · 242 views

Nights like this come upon me.  The black sky sags and stars shy away as dim reminders.  A fat Buddha moon bellies down on the clouds; its pallid light glistening on the dew.  It is a night of apathy and cruel rejection.  It has no place for me and I am an intruder within it.  No star guides me.  No hawk screams across the moon.  No wind carries messages...


The Migrating Man

Posted by Dr. D , 05 October 2012 · 273 views

An one experiment, researchers took eggs from the nest of a wild goose.  The eggs were hatched and the young goslings cared for under conditions known to domesticated animals.  When they reached the right age, however, they suddenly flew away and started their migration southward.  They went directly to the same place as did all other geese raised in the...


The Haven of Forgotten Gods

Posted by Dr. D , 04 October 2012 · 454 views

It’s out there, just beyond the reach of time, the Haven of Forgotten Gods.  Some would call it a rest home for it is the place where the gods go when they are no longer active or needed.  Their children have long since abandoned them and they wile away their time in recollections and restoring a fragment of an old pride. They are all there, Thor,...


I am at home . . . .

Posted by Dr. D , 03 October 2012 · 379 views

It is a discovery of self.  I suddenly realize that all I have is me and it isn’t enough.  Education, the gung ho military training, personal success, the trials of staying alive . . . . none of it prevents the moment of discovery – I am not self sufficient– I cannot take care of myself – there is not enough substance within me to...


When Our Love Comes Home

Posted by Dr. D , 02 October 2012 · 289 views

I stood long upon the vacant pier.  Night was all around me and a young moon glistened on the waters.  I would not permit your ashes to fall over the water, but reached down, permitting them flow out of the heavy bronze urn like children going home.  I released the urn and watched it plummet into the darkness of the Pacific.  A promise finding its...


Donuts and Hortencia

Posted by Dr. D , 01 October 2012 · 284 views

Hortencia comes at 7:00 a.m. every morning, six days a week.  She does not work on Sundays because it would break a Commandment and she thinks she’s tempting hell enough by working in my home.  She has a key to my house and wears it on a chain around her neck, next to the gold cross once worn by her grandmother.  She is very proud that she has a key...


Love 101

Posted by Dr. D , 30 September 2012 · 275 views

Love is not a feeling; it is a way of life.  It is the sense of belonging, sharing, being absorbed into a realm of wonder and learning how to stay there.  Loving was created for women; being loved was a gift to man.  For women have an innate knowledge of love and men learn it later in life, and sometimes not at all.  Love is the most essential nutrient to a...


Selling the House

Posted by Dr. D , 29 September 2012 · 315 views

I used to write of times and things with words exploding upon the page.  Crime and conspiracy, death and danger, suspense and secrets . . . . the paragraphs formed themselves and words became living beings.  But that is gone now.  The words have taken flight like frightened quail and thoughts no longer come to me with tidal force.  I am no longer inspired...


My God Deal

Posted by Dr. D , 28 September 2012 · 365 views

I prefer to keep my religion, poetry, and booze in separate containers and not pretend that anyone has the Rosetta Stone to God.  I subscribe to the church of Old Abe and his, “When I do something good, I feel good.  When I do something bad, I feel bad.  That is my religion.”  I turn away from ideas about spirits and inspiration and that both...


Augustin Marcos de la Cruz 1932 - 2012

Posted by Dr. D , 27 September 2012 · 580 views

Before coming to Mexico, I lived in Honduras.  The major cities of that nation are plagued with problems brought on by the Mara Salvatrucha, a highly organized gang numbering in the tens of thousands.  It was better, I thought, to live farther into the countryside. Finding a home was not easy and later, going to Tegucigalpa was a five hour drive that took...