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Storms and Tides

Posted by shadowsot , 09 August 2015 · 454 views

I guess I just like storms in my titles.
So the medicine worked wonders on me. Except the breathing trouble.
So I had to stop, try something else later.
The upshot is, the weight was lifted for a bit. The fog cleared a bit.
Enough to sight a bit of land and reorient.
Stopping hurt. The weight is back, the fog returned. The behaviors I hate about...


Summer Storms

Posted by shadowsot , 28 June 2015 · 2,300 views

I never found thunderstorms ominous or depressing as it seems many people do.
Maybe it is my farning background, but they have always been refreshing.
Watching the lightning, hearing the thunder. Feeling the sound rumble through my body.
However, maybe it is the weather, dark and thunder one that has me feeling like I do at the moment.
My father has...


Well now I know

Posted by shadowsot , 24 May 2015 · 718 views
bipolar, weirdo, crazy and 1 more...
So if anyone remembers, I had been having more and more trouble posting. I was getting frustrated at the mildest thing. Topics I usually enjoy
became annoying to read.
And trying to research the claims I'd be responding to was difficult to impossible to do.
I eventually stopped because of this. I had times when I could barely restrain my temper,...


"Ancient Aliens"

Posted by shadowsot , 14 July 2012 · 1,693 views
ancient aliens, interest and 2 more...
"Ancient Aliens" When it came to programs like Ancient Aliens there was usually one positive things I could say about it.
It inspires interest. Interest in history, interest in archaeology, and to me that was something worthy to be gained from the show.

However, recently I've come to change my opinion.

   Ancient Aliens fuels entertainment, and among those who are...



Posted by shadowsot , 01 May 2011 · 634 views

guess what I learned?

You have to hit "Publish" to post blog entries to the public.
Whatcha know, learn something new everyday.


Family Reunion

Posted by shadowsot , in family, Uncategorized 01 May 2011 · 802 views
shadowsot family reunion
So, I'm one of those weirdo people.

Ok, not those weirdo people, whith the chains and the whips and the uh... tubes...


Uh... anyway. I'm one of those weirdo folks who loves going to their family reunions.

To me, it's great. Lots of good people, good food, and fun.

We meet once a year at a place called...


What to do..

Posted by shadowsot , 27 March 2010 · 605 views
and 1 more...
This blogging, eh?

I'm a big martial arts guy, and just found out that there's a muay thai place here in my area.
Unfortuantely, I couldn't find the place.
Tried calling their number, no go, been disconnected. Have to keep working at it.

Currently take tae kwan do and a style here in Pensacola.
Also take a mma clas...


History in America

Posted by shadowsot , 03 October 2009 · 606 views
and 1 more...
I enjoy reading and learning about history.

When I was a fair bit younger, I used to read alternative history books and books on Atlantis and Lemuria like they were going out of style.

Now that I'm 20, I sort of wish they had.

I've worked a few digs in my area, attended some lectures, and have had the chance to interact with archaeologists...

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