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Facts about me.

Posted by Ruby04 , 27 March 2013 · 1,103 views

1: My screen name is from my dog (my furbaby) Ruby 04 is the year she was born and I got her.
2:13 is my lucky number because Ruby was 13 weeks old when I got her and she was born on Jan 13th
3: I prefer being around animals more than people
4: I'm not scared of reptiles at all but am of bugs other than butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs
5: My whole life we (mum, dad and I) have always had atleast 1 dog
6: I'm the youngest of 5, 2 sisters and twin brothers
7: I'm an aunty many times
8: I'm a very warm person to most people. If someone hurts me I can be very cold
9: I produce too much body heat, but only if I'm with someone or one of the dogs
10: I hate mopping and cleaning but love cooking
11: I love caring for others
12: I want more animals dad and I have 5 dogs, a bearded Dragon, 2 turtles, 3 Princess parots, a Galah, countless tropical fish and 7 goldfish.
13: I've pretty much always found it hard to make friends.
14: I met my boyfriend online and we met in person a month later (would have been sooner but he was sick)
15: We've been together 7 months as of the 26th March
16: I still have Anxiety, Depression, OCD and social phobias just not as bad.
17:I was a mommy's girl until she passed away.
18:I have problems sleeping, sleeping meds (natural and dr prescibed) didn't work or made me feel zombie like or both.
19: I have a few health problems nothing too bad
20: My boyfriend and I fell in love fast.
21:I'm half German and half Aussie.
22: I get 3 white hairs and have since I was about 18 or 19 so I dye my hair. Often it's plums and dark reds, my natural colour is a dark brown with 2 (natural) blonde bits.
23: I have 1 tattoo at the moment of a butterfly for my mom, ears pierced had my nose pierced until it came out. Will get more tats and nose redone
24: I hate the dark or being home alone at night
25: I love taking photos butdon't like my photo being taken unless I'm having a I feel pretty day.
26: I've had random guys in cars yell things out at me alot like calling me things I'm not. Also had older ladies give me death stares for wearing slightly low tops or dresses (I don't wear anything very low without a singlet under it)
27: I'm not vert confident. Suck at Maths and hate spelling
28: I dropped out of school because of bullies and not being able to cope. I did half of year 11. A TAFE course in certificate 1 am now doing certificate 2 in a different subject.
29: With somethings I'm smart and have shocked people. I love learning but in my own way and time
30: I'm fussy food wise
31: I can't draw but can trace. Love singing but don't like people hearing me sing
32:I want to get married and have babies one day just not right this minute
33: I don't care about what the lastest fashion is, I wear what I like
34: I'm very girly but will hand feed (using tweezers) Ralph (my Beared Dragon) mealworms.
35: Pretty much anything anyone wants to know about me I will tell them.
36: I don't have many secrets of my own

Re: "36: I don't have many secrets of my own"

Especially not any more Ruby. I admire your openess. :)
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I'm not a secret person. Thanks :)
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Mar 28 2013 02:59 AM


34: I'm very girly but will hand feed (using tweezers) Ralph (my Beared Dragon) mealworms.

I have a gecko I feed crickets to using the tweezers because otherwise he just sits there and watches them hop around. They're a pain to catch with the tweezers and I always feel bad for them. But you gotta do what you gotta do..lol

Thanks for sharing all that with us, Ruby!
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Cute, I can't catch the crickets unless they've been in the fridge and are slow. I hate watching him with them because he sometimes misses and only gets a leg, if I let him he'd eat non stop lol.
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You sound sweet, warm, and fun! And someone who likes to surround herself with animals is awesome in my book.

I can relate to anxiety and depression and social phobias, and several of your other facts.
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Thanks. I try to be sweet, the joke in my family is that I should live in zoo lol
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well hey you sound like my kinda poeple!!
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Thanks :)
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Anything anyone wants to know just message me and ask :)
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you seem like an interesting person it is a pleasure to meet you.
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