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Search for evidence

Posted by Paxus , 08 August 2010 · 223 views

UFO UFO evidence UFO proof radar pilots sightings
Unexplained Mysteries dot com motivates Marc Jager to gather evidence!

This forum has single-handed(?)ly rekindled my curiosity about the ET and UFO subject.
Since argueing/debating is in my nature and this forum provides a wonderful venue for such debates, it occured to me to gather as much evidence as I can and put it all in one place.
This is what I will be doing over the next few months.
The results will be posted on my website and here in my blog.

Let my search begin!

It is now some 3+ months since my last entry and I have been laaaazy!
I haven't started 'gathering' UFO and ET information, nor made any more efforts in compiling them.

I did, however, compile Gilfaer's thread into pure Q & A, trimming out all the non-Q & A chatter.
It's not currently up to date, but it does have 243 Questions and their direct Answers.
If you're curious HERE is the link :)

Since my last entry, I have also met someone who claims to be an alien and over time decided they were more leading me on, than convincing me that they were a good and honest friend.
It's sad when people have some perverted reason to tell you lies.

All I want is the answers to the ET and UFO dilemma. Oh, that and contact along with a ride into outer space and other planets.
In fact, what I want more than anything is to leave Earth and move to another planet.
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