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My sighting

Posted by Paxus , 12 September 2011 · 741 views

paxus ufo sighting my sighting
I have had a genuine sighting.

For those, newer to UM who haven't read about my sighting;

What I saw was 4 lights fly from the horizon toward me(from the SW) and then away toward the north east.
(I was between Fortitude Valley and Brisbane city - Australia).

'They' were just bright lights (thought it was an aircraft with landing lights on until the light never changed and no 'body' was associated with them. a landing light would vanish after the a/c flew over and away from you).
They never changed shape or brightness at any time
They were under 10,000 feet. As a pilot my estimate of between 1000 feet and 2000 feet is probably pretty good and discounts a conventional craft.
They were totally silent.
They flew in perfect formation, in a straight track.

Note: Were either 4 UFOs or 2 UFOs with 2 lights each. Sometimes I got this impression because the position seemed to vary slightely, by perspective between the 'pairs' but not between the 2 sets of closest lights. (does that make sense?) - I might do up a picture in photo-shop to explain....

Kicking myself to this day that I made no phone calls to try to find out what they were.

I have NO explanation.
(As a pilot I can say with 99% certainty, that they were not any earthly flying vehicle we know of).

They were like this (giving the impression of 'pairs') except each pair was perfectly parallel, not one higher than the other as in my image. [couldn't be any more accurate with the horrid lense flare of old photoshop - sorry]
There was also less actual flare.
They were as bright as that, a bit smaller and had no rays or flare like in my picture.
Attached Image

Oh, and of course the location is completely different. In fact from where I was living, they would have been flying towards those hills a bit.

thanks for sharin your experience
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welcome - annoying that i didn't investigate it further.
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