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quillius-Paxus Criterion

Posted by Paxus , 12 September 2011 · 780 views

Criterion for ufo cases worthy of study
1. Close - 3 points [COMPULSORY]
2. A Craft - 3 points [COMPULSORY]
3. Witness(es) - 2 points
4. Video/Photo - 1 point
5. Physical evidence - 1 point
___________________________________ 10 point total

Therefore to qualify for the quillius~Paxus criterion,
a sighting must be within 300 meters and the object must have features establishing it as a craft (E.g. Metalic WITH windows, or WITH landing gear, or WITH occupants seen inside or getting out etc) - I.e. Must have the 'Compulsory 5 points.


1. Close - 3 points [COMPULSORY]- 'Close' will be a compulsory criterion which means the object is within 500 meters of the observer(s)
(Up to 1000 meters will be allowed but 1 point must be removed for each 250 meters farther than 500 meters. E.g. 750m will earn 2 points, 1000m will earn only 1 point)

2. A Craft - 3 points [COMPULSORY]- 'A Craft' is the other compulsory criterion and this can be achieved anywhere the object shows evidence of being a machine, I.e. a flying-craft.
- This means it must look like a craft and have features or behaviour which support the hypothesis that it is a craft.
- Examples; has landing gear.
- Lands and takes off again.
- Has windows/portals.
- Has occupants associated with it (E.g. craft seen to land and occupants get out of craft)
- Suspected craft shines a beam of light.
- Object looks solid with definite lights (Note, an orb of light with one or two other colours will NOT count, as plasma might do this)... To qualify as evidence of the object being a craft, we would expect something metallic looking with symmetrically arranged lights.
- The object has markings or writing on it.
- The object behaves in a manner only a craft could. (It is unlikely that this will be used as evidence since many meteorological phenomenon can behave like craft.) It is possible that a metallic disc arriving from above, then hovering over water, sucking up some water (via tubes) and then departing may count for this purpose.

3. Witness(es) - 2 points
- The 'Witness' criterion is points achived for witness credibility. Witnesses who remain annonymous might be considered more credible than ones who want their name reported with the sighting.
- Witnesses who did not believe in the ETH prior to their sighting could be deemed more credible than ones who did believe in the ETH prior to their sighting.
- Witnesses who are writing a book or who have published a book about ET/UFO will not be considered credible for the purposes of this system.
- Professional observers will be considered credible witnesses. I.e persons trained in observation (E.g. Police, security, military, pilots, scientists etc).
- Often the 'Witness' criterion will be judged on many different aspects of the observer.

4. Video/Photo - 1 point
- Video and/or photos of the object seen by the observer will earn 1 point if, and only if, they have been confirmed by an expert as not faked.

5. Physical evidence. - 1 point
- Physical evidence as investigated by professionals such as disturbed environment (E.g. burnt or depressed grass, radioactivity well beyond normal for the areas, the UFO dropped something, the observer shows physical evidence (E.g. The observer was burnt by the object.)
- Radar or other detection evidence will fall into this category.

Apr 02 2012 11:32 AM
By your criteria, how many points does your sighting score then, as a matter of interest ?  

And where's the league table ?  Who's top ? Posted Image
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unfortunately only a 1...
Although I could stretch it to a 2 because my 'lights' flew in formation throughout the duration.... (I doubt a meteorological phenomenon would do that).
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