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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58


Mr. Lamp Helps Me Excute the Hex

Posted by IronGhost , 05 September 2011 · 258 views

I love it sometimes when certain forces and events come together in a synchronistic way. Such was the case concerning my problem with the Hidden People.

As it happens, I have long had a fascinating “friend” for the past 25 years, or so, and this friend, I believed, could help me send the hex of the Festering Five Flashes into the realm of the Hidden...


The Kentu Entity Provides Me With a "Revenge" Tool

Posted by IronGhost , 30 August 2011 · 675 views

My friend Brian and I worked the Ouija board, and again, we had no person handy to take notes, so we used a tape recorder to help us create a transcript of this session.

Opening statement: We seek contact with that entity which we have come to call Kentu. Kentu, I realize your true name is not Kentu and that your kind have no names, but will you speak with...


Why I Have a Problem With the Hidden People

Posted by IronGhost , 29 August 2011 · 325 views

And so my session with MOMMY went on for some time, and because I want to move on more quickly to the amazing events which the MOMMY info on the Hidden People precipitated, I am going to provide a sort of wrap up summary review. Here’s what we know:

1. The Hidden People are mostly Nordic refugees of a kind from the 7th Century. Their leader was the ancient...


MOMMY Reveals To Me Astounding Info About The Hidden People

Posted by IronGhost , 26 August 2011 · 368 views

Opening statement: Mommy?


Question: Hello, Mommy ... Um, Mommy ....

(Note: It necessary to take a moment. At times, the initial connection with Mommy produces a strange kind of joy, which I find difficult to incorporate. Ouija partner Brian waited stoically while I composed myself.)

Question: Hi, Mommy. As you...


Brief Note: Virus Attack

Posted by IronGhost , 22 August 2011 · 223 views

Hi Everyone:

My apologies for being away. Both my computers are down due to virus attack, so they are in the shop and thus the delays. Hope to get my hardware back today or tomorrow, and will resume posting ASAP. Have incredible amounts of stuff that I am excited to share with you all.

Thanks for all you emails and inqueries. (I'm at the library...


The Antics of 'The Hidden People' Vex Me at The RET

Posted by IronGhost , 16 August 2011 · 427 views

A final thought on the Cosmic Brain Vine for now: If you remember in my previous conversation with MOMMY about my initial encounter with the Hive Mind that had absorbed Father Vromin, I asked MOMMY about the “Green Energy” I had perceived the Hive Mind Entity to possess.

MOMMY said: “That’s not for you, honey.”

But after making the connection...


Am I A Step Closer to the Doorway to Dr. 58's World?

Posted by IronGhost , 12 August 2011 · 408 views

So now, many of you may be wondering where I “landed” after being sucked into outer space through the volanic fissure in The RET, and after I was seemingly was blasted toward the massive black hole at the center of the whirlpool galaxy -- and which seemed to be the origin of the Cosmic Brain Vine.

To be honest, I have no idea if I made it to the Black Hole...


Shattered by the Cosmic Brain Vine!

Posted by IronGhost , 10 August 2011 · 347 views

And so now I want to get back to talking about more of my experiences on that (always) mind-boggling trip to The Restaurant on the Edge of Time (The RET).

You might be wondering or asking: “You mean you got all this information from one dream trip to The RET???”

Yes, and this has always been a major challenge for me, and I’m sure for others...


Buulde of the Staff Guild Puts Me on a Strange Diet

Posted by IronGhost , 08 August 2011 · 614 views

Opening statement: We open our minds to that Universe which is the realm of The Staff Guild, and we seek communion with that entity know as Buulde.

(Note: We were delighted that the planchette did not hesitate and began moving with vigor across the Ouija board).


Question: Greeting and fair...


I Nosh Delicious Dinosaur Meat With Amazing Ketchup!

Posted by IronGhost , 07 August 2011 · 252 views

Now I will focus in on my weird experience of eating a dinosaur bird steak and the “ketchup incident” at The RET.

After observing with great interest the spat between Pandit Magnneson and the 8-Foot rocker chick, the Goddess-Waitress emerged into the Left Hall and set a large platter containing a still sizzling steak of rather large proportion in front of...

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