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Posted by markdohle , 07 April 2013 · 946 views

Apr 09 2013 05:04 AM
I do believe we have a timeline which is not ours but God's.  We are now living in perhaps what one would call the last days...not of the earth...but,
possibly of the lives of many, many people. Mankind over the years have
destroyed mother nature and all her gifts. Without her gifts, man cannot survive. The oceans are being poisoned, man made chemicals are now destroying the soil of the earth, the plants, the seeds and the aquifers throughout the world. Signs in the heaven have begun, such as in the case of the meteor flying over Russia, and many more is on its way. Economic calamity will befall all nations, no one will be spared. The last Pope rules, a Jesuit and one whose code of conduct has been hidden from many. Even the elect will be fooled. For time is not on our side, but is held in the Lord's
hand, a ruler in which he will measure the length of man's time...lest he repent.
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We do live in strange time my friend, faith is our guide, prayer are shield.

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Star of the Sea
Apr 12 2013 07:20 PM
Thanks Mark for the video. We would be blind if we didn't recognise what is happening in our time.
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